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Mango Hill Set to Sparkle

Louise Winton can hardly wait for 9 December to arrive so she can don her tiara, ballgown and high heels, and take to the stage.

As the Musical Director for Mango Hills Christmas Carols, Louise will be in her element, singing up a storm and assisting in the production of other musical acts, beginning at 4pm on Saturday, 9 December.

She says while music and performing are her passion all year round, the Christmas event at the Mango Hill Community Centre in Chermside Road remains a special joy.

“I love this event because it's firmly focused on families,” Louise says. “There are so many wonderful memories made for the little ones every year. But at the same time, there is plenty of variety for adults.”

She says the presentation will evolve a little this year to allow each act a few extra minutes to shine, while keeping to the set schedule.

“We know that Santa will arrive at 5.15, so the entertainment will revolve around that,” she says.

Louise smiles as she mentions some recent changes to her own act after undergoing a modest rebrand earlier this year.

“I have added extra sparkles and a tiara to go with my ballgown and heels, and have a new identity on Facebook and in real life, Louise the Diva.”

Louise will bring extra Christmas sparkle to Mango Hill with acts such as Soundwave Community Choir, Moreton Celtic Fiddle Group and Madhouse Theatre, among others.

Louise the Diva will lead the community carols.

Her strong singing voice, cultivated through a rich background in musical theatre, has contributed to the success of the Mango Hill Christmas Carols every year since she began performing at them in 2017.

The popular Christmas carol event will stay true to its beginnings as a family night, a community getting together. As in previous years, there will be fun and games, along with presents for the children from Santa.

There will be a free giant slide for the kids, food tents, fairy floss, a free jumping castle for the smaller kids, and more. Santa will arrive at 5.15pm and the fireworks display will be at 8.30pm. Participants are asked to bring a chair or picnic blanket and be ready for a fun family evening.


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