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Handles By Amy - Helping Victims of DV

May Marks Domestic & Family Violence Prevention Month across the country. 

Dakabin local Amy Rastall is helping victims of domestic and sexual violence through a successful business she has built for the purpose.

Her online enterprise called “Handles By Amy” markets a specially designed gym bag that has begun to sell well, generating funds for a charity that rescues victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

It is a issue Amy is personally acquainted with, having suffered domestic and sexual violence in a past relationship.

Amy says she was well and truly “down” during that part of her life, and describes herself as a “definite suicide risk”.

She credits others for helping her find the strength to break free and make the required changes in her life.

“My family and friends literally saved my life, I am sure,” she says.

“After they helped me get out of that relationship I poured all my energy into rebuilding my life and the gym became my therapy to deal with trauma.”

As part of her journey to recovery Amy challenged herself by participating in the Legacy International Pageant in February where she was nominated with the title Ms Australian 2024.

She plans to use the award as a platform to advocate for victims of abuse.

Amy, who is 35, speaks up for victims of violence any chance she gets, and will be a guest speaker at the Business and Professional Women's (BPW) club at Caboolture in May.

She says it is easy to become emotional about the issue sometimes, but she remains crystal clear about her objective.

“I am at the beginning of my task, which is to help create a future free of domestic and sexual abuse.”

She is enthusiastic about the innovative gym bags she sells through her website, and is pleased that sales are trending up.

She has sold around 80 of the designer gym bags already, allowing her to make a donation of 300 Christmas gifts to Rize Up, a charity close to her heart  that helps victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Amy’s online business began with a stake of just $3000, and she recalls many nights spent learning how to construct her enterprise and build a sales website.

She plans to continue building “Handles By Amy” to enable larger donations to her chosen cause while she works at amplifying her voice on behalf of victims of domestic violence.

Amy has recently made a commitment to supporting Destiny Rescue, a not for profit organisation that rescues and rehabilitates children, women and men from the sex trafficking trade.

Amy has committed to donating 50% of all proceeds from her business.

In addition to attending to her online business, Amy keeps busy in her job as a  personal trainer at a gym in the Brisbane CBD, and is also employed as an aged care worker.

The instagram page handlesbyamy has more details on Amy and her popular gym bag with a link to her website.



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