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Aussie Arvo Ready To Make A Splash


AUSSIE Arvo, Lawnton’s signature Australia Day event, is back this year, promising more fun than ever.

The carnival-style day, hosted by Lawnton Swim Club, has grown in popularity for eight years, planting Lawnton firmly on the Australia Day map. The event attracted around 3500 people last year.

The event will be held at the Lawnton Aquatic Centre in Lawnton Pocket Road, a beautiful and spacious Aussie landscape, appropriate for the day.

AUSSIE Arvo, Lawnton’s signature Australia Day event

A key feature of the Aussie Arvo is the close engagement of many community groups, who help bring goodwill and a sense of connection within the local community.

Groups and individuals such as Lawnton Swim Club, Albany Park Rotary, Lawnton State School, Kallangur Lions Club, Belgravia Leisure, and local, state and federal government representatives will come together for the fun.

The celebration begins at 2pm and boasts free entry, with free on-site car parking managed by Kallangur Lions Club.

The event is especially attractive for families, with affordable rides, and fun games and prizes for the kids.

There will be plenty of fun eats for as little as one dollar, including a $1 fairy floss stall run by Lawnton State School, a $1 popcorn stall courtesy of Albany Creek Rotary and a $1 sausage sizzle from the Lawnton Swim Club. Also on offer will be hot chips, drinks, lollies and ice cream.

Entry to the pool is free, and there will be multiple staff on lifeguard duty, courtesy of Belgravia Leisure, who run the centre on behalf of the council.

A spectacular fireworks display from RapidAction will begin at 7.10pm.

Nicky McKay, Vice President of the Lawnton Swim Club, says the annual event is only made possible by locals working together.

“The swim club is overjoyed to see so many community organisations coming together to support this fun and affordable event, which has become a highlight for the local community,” Nicky says. “We are also extremely grateful to the Moreton Bay council without whose support we would not be able to run this event for the community.”

Councillor Yvonne Barlow (Division 7) has pledged her support while expressing some reluctance about the possibility of getting submerged in the dunk tank attraction.

“But it’s all in good fun,” Councillor Barlow added.

The dunk tank will certainly claim some victims on the day, but nobody knows exactly who they will be until it happens.

Another popular game that returns this year is what North Americans call ‘cornhole’, where contestants aim to throw a small bean bag onto a tilted ramp and try to sink it through a hole.

The Aussie Arvo promises heaps of family fun, beginning at 2pm and ending after the fireworks at 7.10pm. For more details visit the Aussie Arvo Facebook page. 


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