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Police Dog, Luger, Hangs Up His Leash

After seven years of serving almost exclusively the Moreton community, Police Dog (PD) Luger is stepping down for retirement and handing over the leash to Police Dog Wolf.

PD Luger holds a special place in the heart of Senior Constable Chadd Christie, his former handler. With an unwavering dedication to duty, PD Luger always eagerly anticipated the start of each shift and was often seen energetically pacing his yard and greeting the police cars, ready for action.

Despite his fearless commitment to his duties, PD Luger possessed a playful side, delighting in the peculiar habit of cooling off his paws in his water dish after a strenuous day’s work.

PD Luger with Snr Const Chadd Christie

Throughout his service in the Moreton District, PD Luger played a pivotal role in numerous successful operations, particularly in tracking down armed robbery suspects, displaying remarkable courage and skill on each occasion.

In one memorable instance, PD Luger pursued and apprehended an alleged violent offender who had fled the scene of an armed robbery, holding him down until assistance arrived.

On another occasion, he fearlessly tracked an alleged armed robber into dense bushland, ultimately securing the suspect’s capture.

Now retired, PD Luger enjoys a well-deserved rest in the company of Senior Constable Christie and his family.

He is gradually adjusting to a more tranquil lifestyle on their spacious property, alongside his bovine companions, Lucky and Loco.

As we bid farewell to PD Luger, we express our gratitude for his exceptional service to the Moreton community, and are excited for the arrival of Senior Constable Christie’s new partner, PD Wolf, in the coming weeks.

PD Luger’s legacy lives on in the Dog Squad Mural at the Caboolture Watch House, immortalising his contribution alongside his canine comrades.

Notably, the mural captures a poignant moment, with a hint of blue in Luger’s eye, reflecting Senior Constable Christie’s presence during the photograph.

The mural also highlights the artist’s attention to detail, Fiona Groom, who captured where PD Luger had bumped his head and taken out a piece of fur.

We wish you a long and happy retirement, PD Luger! Thank you for your service. 



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