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New Facilities for Students at Carmichael College

Member for Longman Terry Young attended Carmichael College to open a new multipurpose course and administration building extension that were funded by the Coalition Government.

Mr Young said students would benefit from the new court that will be used for a variety of sporting activities including basketball, netball, volleyball and tennis.

The space will also be used during lunch breaks and for chapel and assembly gatherings.

The extension to the administration building enhances the overall school environment. It is contemporary in design and takes into account the requirements of the staff, the students and the broader school community.

The Coalition Government provided $320,000 for the project through the Capital Grants Program, which provides funding for non-government schools to improve capital infrastructure.

“It was great to visit Carmichael College to see the new facilities and hear about the positive impact it will have on students,” Mr Young said.

“Carmichael College has a wonderful school community, and these new facilities will further enhance the learning environment.

“We are ensuring that every child gets a quality education no matter where they go to school.

School funding has increased every year under our Government.

“Our Government is providing record funding for government schools, for Catholic schools and for Independent schools.

“We are delivering real, needs-based funding that is matched by national reforms that will drive better results and outcomes, as recommended by David Gonski in his Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools.

“Our Government is funding improved facilities at schools, like the new multipurpose court and administration building extension at Carmichael College, as part of our commitment to education.”


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