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Moreton Bay Budget Update

The Moreton Bay Regional Council has released their Budget. Here is a summary of how it will impact the Divisions which our Community Newspaper covers.


  • $5.2 million for the design and construction of three soccer fields, field lights and a new car park at Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex* $346,000 for field lighting and CCTV installation at Burpengary Sports Complex

  • $350,000 towards new playground equipment at Buchanan Park

  • $319,000 for a new pathway along Rosehill Drive

  • $248,000 construction of up to 3 legacy projects within the existing football precinct due to facility use after the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup


  • $2.8 million for upgrade projects at Queensland State Equestrian Centre

  • $1.1 million to upgrade the intersection at Torrens Road and River Drive

  • $1.15 million for the completion of the wetlands at Bluebell Street Park

  • $1 million to plan and prepare for a new district park at Goshawk Court

  • Dakabin

  • $6.4 million landfill cell construction at the Dakabin Waste Management Facility

  • $3.3 million sediment dam construction at the Dakabin Waste Management Facility

  • $245,000 to upgrade the Alma Road bend

Deception Bay

  • $500,000 Cross Street park upgrade and construction of amenities

  • $160,000 Wallin Avenue construction

  • $150,000 PCYC bike track upgrade

  • $130,000 Captain Cook Parade Pathway construction

  • $120,000 Lipscombe Road traffic island renewal

  • $100,000 Deception Bay Scenic Reserve pathway lighting


  • $1.7 million shared pathway construction on Henry Road

  • $1.1 million road construction Henry/Dohles Rocks Roads*

  • $500,000 to continue development of the Griffin Sports Complex stage 2

  • $487,000 for development of Riverview Parkway

  • $182,000 for playground upgrade Beverley Court Park


  • $240,000 for pathways along Brickworks Road

  • $100,000 to upgrade Old Gympie Road (Viney to Highet)

Mango Hill

  • $2.8 million construction of Mango Hill Ring Road

  • $370,000 park upgrade and amenities construction for Capestone Lake


  • $380,000 - Nairn Road pathway construction

  • $200,000 - Beech Drive Park playground renewal

  • $355,000 for the Mountain Bike Trail construction at Grogan Road Park Precinct

  • $2.97 million for road rehabilitation works at Michael Ave

  • $1.75 million to build a new skatepark at Sheepstation Creek Park

  • $1 million towards the total project cost of $3.5 million to upgrade the William Berry Drive and Dickson Road intersection

Murrumba Downs

  • $300,000 for the playground renewal of Acacia Park

  • $100,000 for masterplan upgrades to John Oxley Reserve

  • $100,000 for shelter installation for Blatchford Reserve

  • $99,000 from pathway construction Kubiak Drive


  • $500,000 Boundary Road, Narangba intersection change and road rehabilitation

  • $800,000 - Young and Oakey Flat Roads intersection upgrade (design)

North Lakes

  • $250,000 playground equipment and soft fall installation Woodside Sports Ground

  • $1.3 million park upgrade at Lake Eden*

  • $995,861 tiered seating and a shade structure at Kinsellas Sports Complex**

  • $850,000 intersection upgrade at Diamond Jubilee Way, Memorial Drive, Kinsellas Road West

$520,000intersection upgrade for Diamond Jubilee Way/Discovery Drive


  • $84,000 for pathway link at Woodlands Avenue

  • $80,000 for a small dog off leash area at Mungarra Reserve

  • $65,000 for picnic infrastructure at Waratah Parade


  • $45,000 Chelsea Street/Leisel Jones Drive/Bremner Road fauna crossing infrastructure design

*With a contribution from the Federal Government

**With a contribution from the State Government


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