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Hitting the Stage as the Girl in Red 

Performing is not a new venture for Burpengary’s Natasha Rose, but taking her abilities to the national stage certainly is. The 20-year-old embraced her chance to get her name out there when she auditioned for the 2024 season of Australian Idol. While she didn’t quite make it to the final rounds of the show, “the girl in red” definitely put herself and the City of Moreton Bay on the map.

With a love of performing, belting out a tune and of course the colour red, Natasha Rose is certainly one for captivating an audience. The bubbly 20-year-old from Burpengary certainly shone the light on herself and our local community when she jumped behind a microphone on Channel 7’s reality show Australian Idol. Although her journey on the show came to an end when she was eliminated from the top 21, Natasha’s passion for performing is still strong and we can certainly expect to see a lot more of the fiercely determined and dedicated “girl in red”.

In the intricate tapestry of Australian music, Natasha already stands out as a luminous thread, weaving her way into the hearts of audiences across the nation from the second she walked into the Australian Idol audition room. Captivating audiences with her powerful renditions and magnetic stage presence, she emerged as a frontrunner early on in the fierce battle for the coveted title. Though making it closer to the finals may have eluded her grasp, Natasha emerged from the show as a true victor, her spirit unbroken and her dreams of a career in music burning brighter than ever before. For Natasha, the journey was never about accolades or fame, but rather the chance to show audiences she has what it takes.

Natasha Rose enjoyed the opportunity to perform for the country through her time on Australian Idol.

“Even before my time on the show I never really saw Australian Idol as a competition,” Natasha explains. “For me, it was a platform to reach a new audience, gain a new level of experience and meet some industry professionals. I've got some amazing connections now, and I've made some really awesome friends. So, I don't feel like it's a loss to go out when I did.

“Now it’s a springboard for me to continue on this path. I already have two songs recorded, Burn It All and Lying To Love, with more on the way!”

Music has been a big part of Natasha’s life since she was young. Her parents would sing to her and it eventually became a tradition in their house to sing together. As she grew older Natasha decided she wanted to share her voice with others and she was even enrolled in singing lessons for a short time.

“I did a few singing lessons when I was young and that eventually stopped, but I loved the idea of being on stage,” Natasha says. “I would just try and get out in front of people and put on little shows for my family. It kind of just all evolved from dancing and singing when I could and now I’ve been on Australian Idol singing Katy Perry, it’s all been quite an experience.”

While not everyone would be comfortable in the colour red, Natasha certainly embraces the bold choice.

“There is such a thing as too much red, I’m not trying to be one of the Teletubbies,” she says with a laugh. “It’s important to remember everything in moderation and I’m definitely keeping it as my signature colour.

“The best part about being on Australian Idol for me was how it really solidified my brand. Scott Tweedie called me the girl in red. Kyle Sandilands called me the girl in red, that's so good to hear out of those people's mouths, which really helps me to have my image, my branding and who I am really solidified for all of Australia.”

Hailing from Burpengary, Natasha knew there wasn’t much chance anyone involved with Australian Idol would have a clue where it was located unless they were familiar with the City of Moreton Bay area. Little did she know; judge Kyle Sandilands knew exactly where it was!

“It’s funny when telling people where I was from, you could see in their eyes they didn’t have a clue,” Natasha recalls. “But when I went in for my audition and the judges asked where I was from, I told them Burpengary and Kyle said he knew where it was because he’s been everywhere.

“It was amazing having that moment of recognition and knowing the City of Moreton Bay was so well-represented with the girls (Kiani and Tayla) from Bribie as well. It was such a great season in terms of so many diverse areas of Australia were represented. There was Amy from Broome and then Kiani from Bribie, it makes for a change than just everyone being from Sydney or Melbourne. Not to mention, the City of Moreton Bay is an incredible place to be and grow up in and I think now people are starting to realise we have some serious talent here.”

So, what’s next for this rising star? Natasha is already thinking ahead with plans for more songwriting and of course gigs.

“I've always done songwriting, I've always done gigging and so it's now just getting back into it,” she says. “I love songwriting. I'm sure every musician in the entire world has said this, but it's a real outlet for me and I love doing that and I love gigging.

“As much as I love doing the big gigs, like I do Eat Street and events, but I also love connecting with the community by performing at things like the Petrie markets and being able to see the community and having little kids just come up to me while I’m singing, it’s a great experience.”

“There's so many artists that I look up to and there's just so many incredible people in Australia and across the world.” – Natasha

Growing up Natasha was treated to the tunes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and more. So it’s hard to imagine what her future may hold. Long-term, Natasha’s big dream would be to become a pop star, like some of the stars she looks up to including the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Pink or Taylor Swift.

“There's so many artists that I look up to and there's just so many incredible people in Australia and across the world,” she says. “Within Australia, I do love me a bit of Kylie Minogue. You know, she was the OG.

“In terms of the world, artists like Taylor Swift, the big people that can adapt and keep coming back and making it a show, it's just so cool to watch.

“I love Pink, I've seen her live, she's incredible. She's also someone who I really look up to because I love pop artists that have attitude. They have that performance and that little bit of edge at the same time.

“I love all these artists, but I actually think my dream person to sing with would be Billie Eilish. I love her voice and I feel like we would have cool voices together because she's very breathy with her singing.” 

As her journey continues to unfold, there is no doubt that Natasha is destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of music for years to come. To find out more about the girl in red and future song releases, visit 


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