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Fill Up A Bucket and Turn Off The Tap for Water Night

No taps. One bucket. 12 hours without running water. Think you can do it? That’s the challenge of Water Night – to improve water mindfulness and highlight how many times we reach for the tap without even thinking about it.

It’s one of the ways Unitywater is building awareness around the value of, and access to clean water during National Water Week.

“Water Night is a great way to get involved in a social event while gaining an understanding for how many times we subconsciously reach for the tap,” Unitywater Executive Manager Customer and Community Katherine Gee said.

Similar to Earth Hour, Water Night challenges participants to go 12 hours without running water.

“You fill a bucket and bottles of water for drinking, and the aim is to not turn on the tap between 5pm and 5am,” Ms Gee said.

“We encourage participants to cover taps with tea towels or tape as a reminder not to use taps. And, as a bonus – you can take the night off from washing up!”

Ms Gee said with combined South East Queensland dam levels below 60%, it was timely to think about the value of water.

“We turn on the tap without even thinking and with drought upon us, now is as important as ever to remember that water is a precious resource and we need to be mindful of how we use it.

Our Local Water Legends campaign encourages everyone to make small changes for a big, collective difference to water use in our region,” she said.

“Through our Education Program, we’re also visiting schools around National Water Week to teach them about the water cycle and encouraging them to be Local Water Legends.”

Fletcher Ford (7) who goes to Siena Catholic Primary School, said he was using the four-minute shower timer from Unitywater to help save water.

“Mum’s always telling my brother to hurry up in the shower,” he said.

“We also learnt other ways to be water savers not water wasters.”

Join the Local Water Legends or sign up for Water Night.


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