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Caboolture Orchid Society on Show

The Caboolture Orchid Society is preparing for their upcoming Orchid Sale and Mini-show, which will be held on May 4–6.

Nothing says “I love you, Mum” like giving a floral bouquet on Mother’s Day. Sadly, fresh flowers don’t last.

“You couldn’t kill them with an axe!”

Orchids, often overlooked by more traditional flowers for gifts, can produce sprays of spectacular blossoms lasting up to ten weeks, year after year. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the Caboolture Orchid Society is preparing for their upcoming Orchid Sale and Mini-show, which will be held outside Woolworths, Morayfield, on May 4–6.

The Mini-show will feature a vertical display of prize-winning orchid plants that members have in flower at the time. Expect to see stunning Cattleyas, dainty Dendrobiums, the hardy Oncidium Orchids, and a range of Bromeliads, with many varieties on sale to the public.

Society members will be on hand to share their tips for cultivating and caring for both Australian native orchids, and the more exotic varieties that flourish in our sub-tropical climate.

Caboolture Orchid Society Secretary, Robyn Denkel, insists that growing orchids is not tricky and can become quite addictive. She suggests nervous novices start with a low-maintenance species such as the Crucifix Orchid (an Australian native) or the hardy Oncidium.

“You couldn’t kill Oncidiums with an axe,” Robyn insists, explaining that almost 70% of orchids are epiphytes, therefore easily grow on trees or in small containers. Recently, she has successfully grown orchids in plastic gutter guard and adds that collecting different varieties of orchids can become addictive, in a fun way.

Robyn was surprised to find orchid plants exhibiting flushes of new growth in what is usually a dormant growth period earlier this year, something members can only attribute to changing weather patterns in recent times.

Formed in 1969, the Caboolture Orchid Society conducts three meetings and competitions every month. With guest speakers advising on topics relevant to successful orchid growing. Something is always happening, and the group are keen to welcome new members.

With a long flowering window and easy maintenance, Orchids really do make an exquisite gift that keeps on giving. The only difficulty is choosing which one to purchase this Mother’s Day.

Caboolture Orchid Society Mini Show

Morayfield Shopping Centre May 4–6

171 Morayfield Rd, Morayfield

Enquiries phone Robyn: 0429 031 008


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