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Bushfire Season Heats Up

The Moreton Bay Council is calling on residents to take immediate action and prepare for a potentially devastating bushfire season.

As the east coast of Australia braces for three years of El Niño weather patterns and drier-than-average conditions, the Moreton Bay Council is calling on residents to take immediate action and prepare for a potentially devastating bushfire season.

Recalling the haunting memories of the bushfires that ravaged the east coast three years ago, Mayor Flannery highlighted the abundance of fuel left by the recent La Niña, which has now dried out, creating a tinderbox-like environment conducive to bushfire outbreaks.

The Council and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) are actively executing planned burns to safeguard homes and the region's natural environment. However, residents' proactive efforts are equally vital in preventing the escalation of potential fire hazards.

Acknowledging the Council's commitment to protecting the community and wildlife, Mayor Flannery issued a heartfelt plea to residents to prioritise the safety of their families and homes by proactively preparing for the looming bushfire season.

" We’ll do everything we can to help protect the community and wildlife, so please make sure you do what you can to protect your families and your homes," Mayor Flannery stressed. "Our message is simple - Plan. Prepare. Survive."

The first step, he explained, is to have a well-thought-out emergency and evacuation plan in place, which should include provisions for pets and livestock.

Preparation also involves taking preemptive measures to protect properties before bushfire strikes. Now is the time to clear out gutters and debris from yards, as these can act as additional fuel sources during a fire outbreak.

"Remember, if you own the fuel, you own the risk!" Mayor Flannery warned, urging residents to take personal responsibility for their properties and surrounding areas to minimise the threat of bushfires.

Moreover, creating an emergency kit filled with essential supplies to sustain individuals and families during disasters is crucial.

The Council offers its Moreton Alert system to stay informed and receive real-time weather warnings, delivering crucial updates directly to residents' phones.

Additionally, the Disaster Dashboard ( Council's website and the State Government's Get Ready website provide a wealth of information and resources to aid residents in their preparedness efforts.

QFES provides a free online tool to help you make a Bushfire Survival Plan at

With the dry conditions expected to persist for approximately three years, the bushfire season in Moreton Bay, traditionally limited to September-November, may extend as late as March, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.


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