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Moreton Bay green infrastructure grows to three new locations

A suite of wildlife safety measures including new LED signage, fauna rope bridges, exclusion fencing and pavement stencils will be installed at three Moreton Bay locations to reduce the risk of wildlife-vehicle collisions.

Moreton Bay Regional Council today announced it would install the green infrastructure along Kremzow Road, Warner; Torrens Road, Kurwongbah and New Settlement Road, Burpengary as part of an ongoing program giving native wildlife safer access between the region’s parks, reserves and corridors.

Asset, Construction and Maintenance Spokesperson Councillor Adam Hain said existing green infrastructure at Everton Hills, Morayfield, North Lakes and Brendale was already proving a huge success, and the project would complement existing initiatives like koala fodder plantations, fauna underpasses and nest boxes.

“New fauna bridges will allow native animals to cross these roads safely, while LED signage and pavement stencilling will increase driver awareness,” Cr Hain said.

“The new bridges importantly will better connect local ecosystems with the region’s greater 1,700ha network of green reserves and corridors.”

More than 1,200m of fauna exclusion fencing will be installed in total across the three locations.

Lifestyle and Amenity Spokesperson Councillor Denise Sims said the fauna rope bridges worked by emulating the natural tree-top settings canopy-dwelling fauna use to travel throughout local ecosystems.

“Animals such as possums, sugar gliders and even goannas travel along branches to get from one place to another, and these new rope bridges enable them to access areas that would otherwise require them to travel across the road,” Cr Sims said.

“This sort of green infrastructure assists animals and ensures that our native fauna can continue move between local ecosystems.”

Works are expected to commence in September and take 16 weeks to complete, weather permitting.


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