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Egg-cellent ways to have a pet-friendly Easter

Petbarn Morayfield, Morayfield North and North Lakes provide top tips to ensure local pets have a happy and healthy Easter

From chocolate eggs to hot cross buns, Easter is the sweetest time of the year, however, Petbarn Morayfield, Morayfield North and North Lakes are advising pet parents to keep these seasonal treats out of reach from their four-legged friends to ensure local Moreton Bay pets stay happy and healthy.

While the Easter holidays are the perfect time to let go and indulge with family and friends, it’s important that the pets of the family are kept safe from risky situations that may occur during these festivities. North Lakes Petbarn, Store Manager, Bec Lill is urging local pet owners to avoid hazards that can negatively impact their furry friends’ health this Easter.

“As Easter is a popular time for indulging in chocolate, there is a temptation to share these sweets with our pets, but it’s important to only feed them pet specific treats as chocolate is poisonous to many animals. At Petbarn Morayfield, Morayfield North and North Lakes, we have plenty of pet-friendly goodies for your furry friend to enjoy at Easter time,” Bec says.

“Easter is a popular time for Australian families to getaway for the long weekend which may be stressful for pets. As most pets enjoy a routine, it’s important to ensure that the holiday is as stress-free as possible for the entire family, including our animals,” Bec says.

Bec Lill, North Lakes Petbarn Store Manager offers the following tips to keep Moreton Bay pets safe, happy and healthy over Easter:

1. Keep chocolates out of reach and hidden – Pets can be curious, cheeky creatures and sometimes get into our chocolate stash. Chocolate can be highly toxic to animals which is why we must ensure we keep these sweets out of reach by popping chocolates in high cupboards or airtight containers. If your pet does get into the chocolate stash, you may risk a visit to the vet which can be an expensive mistake to make over the long weekend when your normal veterinarian clinic may not be open.

2. Plan ahead with pet-friendly treats – It’s important to remember human treats such as chocolate can be toxic to our furry friends. We recommend planning ahead and buying specially designed Easter treats for pets. For example, Love Em Liver Treats are a highly nutritional treat or Butchers Superior Cuts premium range of jerkies and treats are great options for your pet. At Petbarn Morayfield, Morayfield North and North Lakes, we also offer Carob Easter Eggs and Yoghurt Easter Bunnies so local pets can enjoy their own sweet Easter treat without the risk.

3. Keep seatbelts fastened - If you have plans for travelling far distances over the Easter long weekend, consider your pet’s safety with a Dog Harness such as the EzyDog Drive Harness which is designed to keep your pup safe whilst travelling in the car. At Petbarn Morayfield, Morayfield North and North Lakes, we also have car restraints to ensure your dog stays safe and in one place during the car journey and doesn’t become a distraction whilst you’re behind the wheel, such as the EzyDog Car Restraint.

4. Take regular breaks on road trips – To avoid your furry friend from becoming car sick on long road trips, keep your pet hydrated and take occasional stops with bathroom breaks so there are no accidents. Road trips can be long and tedious so try entertaining your pet with some new toys to keep them from whining and distracting you from the wheel.

For more information on pet friendly Easter products, please contact your local Petbarn store:

Petbarn Morayfield, Shop 10, 312-344 Morayfield Road, Tel: 5433 1

047 Petbarn Morayfield North, 113-137 Morayfield Road, Tel: 5432 4999 Petbarn North Lakes, 55 Flinders Parade, Tel: 3181 3291

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