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Love is in the Air at Theatre 102

​THE PROPOSAL is a concept show devised and directed by Madeleine Johns and centers around the theme of love, relationships and the proposal. Madeleine has taken excerpts from famous plays, or musicals and linked them with song and dance reflective of the theme. During the run of the show you will be served with a delicious 2-course meal and coffee - and our friendly bar staff will be available during the evening to serve you with drinks. Opening with a short scene called “Man’s Best Friend” - the bride and groom on their way to their honeymoon hotel after their Wedding Breakfast - we then move into an excerpt from The Importance of Being Ernest and witness Jack’s proposal to Gwendolen and her mother (Lady Bracknell’s) very famous response. We then move to London and the drawing room of Prof Henry Higgins on the day that Eliza Doolittle calls with her proposal that he make her a lady in a flower shop by teaching her to speak more genteel. And to round out Act 1 we then see Romeo and Juliet in their famous balcony scene. Act 2 opens with a scene from Private Lives by Noel Coward where passion, laughter, romance, anger, and love set the stage for a battle of the sexes as divorced couple, Amanda and Elyot, find themselves unwittingly thrown together after divorcing some years before. Unknowingly booking adjoining rooms while on honeymoon with their new respective spouses, they are forced to face their true feelings for each other. And following on from this, another pair of jilted lovers – Katisha and Koko from The Mikado. Koko needs to divert Katisha’s love for Nanki-Poo, or face certain death, and so he woos her over describing his love for her through song “Willow Tit Willow”.

A scene from Macbeth then follows with a lovers tryst based on a very dark proposal – that of murdering the current king in order for Macbeth to take his place. We then round out the evening with a very touching scene called “Resting Place” - an old married couple discuss the highlights of their day at the local cemetary, on their way home from shopping. THE PROPOSAL features an extremely talented cast of actors, singers and dancers.

Man's Best Friend - Bride Micheal Hornery, Groom Zachary Crisan Excerpt from The Importance of Being Ernest - Algernon Oliver Catton, Jack Jake Hollingsworth, Lane Terry Skinner, Lady Bracknell Trish Dearness, Gwendolen Emily Wardle Excerpt from Pygmalion - Higgins Jonathan Johns, Pickering Mike Pitcher, Mrs Pearce Colleen Ryan, Eliza Sophie Price Excerpt from Romeo & Juliet - Romeo Jake Hollingsworth, Juliet Ashley Prosser Excerpt from Private Lives - Elyot James Reid, Amanda Deborah Rubendra Excerpt from The Mikado - Katisha Helen Drew, Koko Paul Cant Excerpt from Macbeth - Macbeth Richard Rubendra, Lady Macbeth Madeleine Johns Resting Place - Old Woman Jean Bowra, Old Man Terry Skinner Vocalists Erickson Illustre, Trish Dearness

Dancers Jasmine Reese, Zachary Crisan SHOW DATES FRIDAY 9 MARCH 7.30PM, SATURDAY 10 MARCH 7.30PM, SUNDAY 11 MARCH 6.00PM FRIDAY 16 MARCH 7.30PM, SATURDAY 17 MARCH 7.30PM, SUNDAY 18 MARCH 6.00PM

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