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White Brick Brewing

White Brick Brewing is the long-awaited brew of the northside. Helmed by beer enthusiast Adam Gibb, this brewery is sure to quench the need for a good quality, local watering-hole.

This brewing paradise opened in November last year, and has been cultivating a fandom with its sun-touched nectar ever since. Named after Adam’s mother’s prolific white brick house, White Brick Brewing is an all-grain microbrewery located on 1/9 Flinders Parade, North Lakes. The venue’s unique setup allows customers to listen to the rumble of the tanks and grind of the grain belts as they sip down on golden thirst-quenchers.

This humble brewery is the result of many years of love for the craft. Adam Gibb has been home-brewing for 15 years and a part of the beer judging scene for eight years, but like many, he started out as a young person who merely endured beer. It was a rocky relationship to begin with, but as Andy explains, “As the craft beer culture grew, I began to taste these incredible flavours. They were so different to the bitter brews our predecessors drank, and while at a cornerstone in my life I decided was getting back into beer.”

Adam fell in love with the drink in a huge way. He lived, breathed and began to sweat beer, and eventually took his passion and transformed it into something for the community to enjoy. Both he and his customers love the interactivity that is inherent with White Brick Brewing. “This is my way of growing both the local and beer community. I love that ‘local’ feeling North Lakes has, there is a strong community growing here, and I can’t wait to reignite it’s passion for a good local product,” Adam says.

White Brick Brewing is a place where the person serving you can actually tell you what went into your beer. Adam and his team will be hosting a slurry of beer and food functions, beer education sessions, tours and workshops. Be sure to keep an eye out for their women’s charity brew day later this year.

Rather than serving food over the counter, White Brick Brewing utilise local food trucks instead.

Keeping the trucks on rotation means White Brick Brewing beer can be paired with all the local food truck favourites – adding significant weight to the timeless debate of what food goes best with beer (Adam claims it’s pizza). With four beers currently on tap and another four on the way, now is the time to drink in the name of culinary combinations.

All the flavours White Brick Brewing have on tap are uniting quintessential beer drinkers and shandy-sippers alike, but the most popular brew has been a pale ale, the Petrie Pilsner. “It’s a mid-strength and it’s a cracker! It’s got a great aroma and a good body,” Adam explains. The way Adam Gibb talks about each of his creations is a testament to his love of the craft, but the way he has named each of his brews is a mark of his admiration for the community. He is a man who works here, lives here and raises a family here.

White Brick Brewing is the brew of the northside, made by locals for locals – come beer apart of the community.


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