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Australia’s Longest Obstacle Course Race Debuts in Kurwongbah

Narangba husband and wife team, Dan and Ilca Andrikis, are preparing to launch Australia’s and possibly the world’s first 200km obstacle course race – the Taurus 200.

Dan, Owner of No Bull Fitness Training, and Ilca, naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist and Owner of Lacinda Naturopatica, created Taurus 200 after talking to fellow obstacle course race (OCR) participants about what was lacking on the OCR calendar.

“I’ve been competing in obstacle course racing for many years, and being in the fitness industry, I’ve always got my ears open to better understand what people like and dislike about big events,” says Dan. “Taurus 200 was created from all the information that we’ve gathered over the years, and we’re changing things up.”

Set in natural bushland at Murrenbong Scout Reserve, Kurwongbah, the 200km course will traverse bush, water and natural trail, and with over 30 obstacles planned, participants’ endurance, strength, speed and dexterity will be tested.

“The landscape is really nice and we’re going to make use of every little incline on the property,” say Dan. “All other obstacle course race events have obstacles positioned individually and then participants run a short distance. I want to have several obstacles at once. There’s also two dams on the property so people will be getting wet. We’ll have a mad mud pit.”

200km race participants will have 54 hours to complete 10 x 20km laps. Shorter distance waves are also available including solo distances of 20km and 60km, as well as a 100km solo or teams of two, or 200km teams of two or four. All finishers will receive a medallion for the distance they complete, and a presentation will be held on the Sunday for all place getters.

“I can assure you that Sunday is going to be great,” says Ilca. “Even though they’ll be tired, the participants are going to be thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve just done something amazing.’”

In 2018, Dan and Ilca hope to have Taurus 200 listed in the Guinness World Records as the world’s longest OCR.

“Once the 2017 event has been run successfully, we can apply to have a Guinness World Records judge attend next year to assess our record title attempt,” says Dan.

Adds Ilca, “This is a tough race but it’s a good race, and the great thing is that it is happening right here in Moreton Bay. The majority of obstacle course races are held on the Gold or Sunshine Coasts or interstate, and it’s about time this part of Queensland had something like this. We are hoping to gain the attention and support of the local council and large businesses so that Moreton Bay will be the home of Taurus 200 for many years to come.”

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