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Trying to Become an Artist!

I have always admitted to my failings, and my attempts to become another Rembrandt, a Da Vinci or even a Brett Whitely, is undoubtedly one of them.

I really do envy those `lucky so and so’s` who, by just picking up a brush, pen or pencil, can, as if by magic, transform a blank canvas into a stunning work of art worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

My art teacher tells me kindly, “It is not unusual for a would-be artist to feel discouraged when creating art. It is part of an artist’s journey. The secret is to persevere and keep trying.”

Her comment reminded me of a story that the world-famous artist Picasso would tell when relating his artistic life’s journey.

A woman approached Picasso on the street and asked him to draw a picture for her on a sheet of paper. He obliged and gave her the sheet back. “Mr Picasso, that only took you 30 seconds to produce this wonderful drawing. How is it so?” she asked, amazed at his drawing speed. Picasso smilingly replied, “Yes, but it took me 30 years to be able to draw that in 30 seconds!”

Therein lies my problem, which led to my failure. You see, I’m an action person who likes to get things done quickly and efficiently. No mucking about being patient for me! No! No! But hang on, all was not lost.

While surfing the internet, I came across an art form I had never encountered - Line Art!

Line Art is evidently centuries old. Leonardo’s scientific sketches, some of Picasso’s abstracts and even the minimalistic drawings of Matisse, to name but three artists, all successfully proved it to be a splendid art form. Many artists successfully use this art form for portraits, still life, and landscapes. The internet is full of Line Art, and it looks good. According to experts, Line Art is any image made by drawing straight or curved lines on a plain background. That sounds simple enough. Is doodling Line Art? It’s got to be! I like it and here goes. I’ll try it!!!


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