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The World According to Kate: Special Days

Oh, dear readers, let me pose a thought-provoking question: why do we confine our celebrations to a few designated days throughout the year?

I mean, come on, think about it! Why should we limit the grand gestures, heartfelt appreciation, and joyful festivities to just a handful of calendar dates? Personally, I have broken free from this annual scheduling tyranny and embraced spontaneous celebrations all year round.

...let's cast off the shackles of the calendar and embrace the joy of spontaneous celebrations.

Take, for instance, the recently celebrated infamous Mother's Day. Now, I'm not suggesting that mothers don't deserve our love and appreciation—they most certainly do! However, designating a single day as the only opportunity to honour them seems somewhat arbitrary. It's like saying, "Okay, folks, you have 24 hours to show your mums how much they mean to you, and then we'll return to our usual lives of taking them for granted."

Let's be honest: mums (and dads, for that matter) deserve to be celebrated daily. They're the ones who dealt with our temper tantrums, kissed away our boo-boos, and endured countless sleepless nights. So why not surprise them with breakfast in bed on a random Tuesday? Or send them heartfelt notes of appreciation whenever we feel like it? By liberating ourselves from the constraints of designated days, we can bring spontaneity and genuine surprise back into our celebrations.

There appears to be a delightful conspiracy behind these annual celebrations of love that seems to benefit one group more than anyone else: the retail outlets. Let's look at the infamous Valentine's Day.

Every year on February 14th, the world transforms into a pink and red spectacle of hearts, roses, and adorable teddy bears. The air becomes saturated with love-themed commercials, and we're bombarded with messages about expressing affection for our significant others.

Once again, do we need a designated day to remind us to show love and appreciation? The retail industry has masterfully played the strings of our hearts (and wallets) by inventing days solely dedicated to spending money. After all, nothing screams "I love you" like an overpriced extravagant gift whose prices suddenly skyrocket just before the big day.

However, you don't see a fabulous, eye-catching display for National Condom Day, which is also on February 14th. This day even has a different theme each year. This year it was 'Yours, Mine and Ours'. Could it be that the national campaign to celebrate the almighty condom is simply not profitable enough? I also hope this is not the only day people use condoms, just like the only time we celebrate our age is on our birthday.

But let's take a step back and reflect on these annual traditions. Shouldn't expressing love and appreciation for our partners, friends, and family be daily? Why restrict ourselves to a single day when we could surprise our loved ones with random acts of kindness throughout the year? Imagine the thrill of receiving a bouquet of flowers on a random Wednesday in July. Or waking up to breakfast in bed on a rainy November morning. These unexpected gestures hold far more sentimental value than a predictable annual routine. Besides, isn't spontaneity the spice of life? Think about the possibilities!

Not to mention the pressure that annual celebrations place on relationships. Countless individuals spend days leading up to the occasion agonizing over finding the 'perfect' gift or planning the most unforgettable date night. And heaven forbid you get it wrong—you might as well sleep on the couch for a week!

Now, I hear the naysayers arguing, "But we have holidays for a reason! They help us remember and appreciate certain aspects of our lives!" That is a fair point, my friends, but who's to say we can't remember and appreciate these things on any given day? Do we need a national observance to remind us of our loved ones' value? I think not.

And at what point do annual celebrations/national days become downright ridiculous. Significantly few days in our year avoid being labelled a 'special day'. We can't support or celebrate all of them.

In my experience, breaking free from the confines of designated days can lead to some hilariously unexpected celebrations. Imagine walking down the street one day and stumbling upon a parade of people dressed in outrageous costumes, holding signs that say, "We Love You, Random Citizen!" You'd be left scratching your head but ultimately smiling because who doesn't love a delightful surprise?

So, dear readers, let's cast off the shackles of the calendar and embrace the joy of spontaneous celebrations. Let's appreciate and cherish our loved ones daily, showering them with love, laughter, and maybe even a surprise party just for fun. After all, life is too short to confine our celebrations to a mere handful of days. Let's make every day a special day!

Until next time, keep spreading love and laughter all year round—no special occasion required!

Disclaimer: No teddy bears were harmed in the writing of this column, but chocolates were consumed.


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