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Rideshare Taxi Compliance Blitz

More than 600 fines were issued over December and January during a crackdown on Rideshare and Taxi drivers found violating industry guidelines.

Inspectors from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, some uniformed and some incognito, intercepted 2056 vehicles and handed out $146,000 in fines between December 2 and January 15.

The Department "particularly targeted New Year's Eve because we knew that would be an issue", said Mr Mark Bailey, Minister for Transport and Main Roads. Over 470 vehicle interceptions and 104 fines were issued over New Year's weekend alone.

The blitz by Main Roads inspectors was focused on Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the New Year's Eve weekend and during the Magic Millions on the Gold Coast on January 14.

Over 40% (254) of the 613 fines during December and January were for infringements involving picking up or dropping off passengers in bus stops, taxi ranks or on a section of the street displaying a yellow line, according to a statement released by Mr Bailey.

Other infringements included failure to display a compliant booked hire sign (179 fines) and driver failure to carry their driver authorisation (57 fines).

While the operation was also designed to target price gouging, turning off meters and refusing short fares, fewer violations of this type were found as the campaign progressed.

"We've had fewer fines for over-quoting and overcharging since the operation began…." Mr Bailey said.

Australian Taxi Industry Association boss Blair Davies said his organisation supported the transport department crackdown.


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