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Portable CCTV Networks Roll-out Around Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay Regional Council is ramping-up security for locals, with 18 new portable CCTV camera units being rolled-out around the region.

The action comes in response to community calls to crackdown on a spate of vandalism and petty crime cantered around local cemeteries and some newer housing estates.

Mayor Peter Flannery said the mobile units are solar powered, have three cameras to capture all angles and are being deployed on rotation at strategic locations to catch criminals.

“These new cameras will not only help police and Council’s local laws officers respond faster to criminal and antisocial behaviour, they’ll also record the evidence needed to apprehend offenders,” he said.

“This is about improving public safety and protecting private property, so I’m definitely hoping to see an increase in convictions and people being held accountable for their actions.

“Council takes a very strong stance on public safety and these mobile surveillance units give us greater flexibility to respond quickly to community requests.

“For example, we can immediately monitor remote areas or sensitive environmental locations as soon as a spike in crime is reported, rather than going through the time and expense of building permanent infrastructure.

“They will even provide added surveillance for us at one-off community events and festivals.” Council receives over 120 requests for new CCTV installations each year.

Moreton Bay District Superintendent John Hallam said these devices are a vital resource which will help police solve crime and keep our community safe.

“CCTV cameras not only help Moreton Bay Regional Council respond to resident requests, but give local police more tools to prevent and respond to crime, and prosecute offenders,” he said.

“In fact, CCTV camera presence can even deter crime.

“These additional portable devices are just one of many tools is our region’s toolbox, and will allow for greater flexibility to prevent and investigate crime.”


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