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Police Target Road Safety Offences

Last Tuesday saw the commencement of a targeted response to the many hooning and traffic complaints that are received in the Moreton District.

A group of officers have come together to form a Road Safety Focus Team, working with council to combat and investigate offences of dangerous driving, unlicensed and disqualified driving, drink and drug driving, hooning and other traffic-related offences.

“Road safety is, overall, the responsibility of all police and residents across Moreton District.”

You may have seen the Moreton Bay Regional council cameras around the streets, some of which have reporting messaging for Policelink.

Each time a member of the public reports an incident to police it is recorded and a history can be built about a street, estate, road, vehicle or person.

Each report was previously sent to the local Highway Patrol units, but now some of these will be handled by the focus team.

We are encouraging residents, particularly those who live near these council cameras, to report all hooning incidents.

By reporting all offences, this helps police narrow down dates and times and easily request the offence footage from council.

Inspector Lee Jeffries said road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“Road safety is, overall, the responsibility of all police and residents across Moreton District,” he said.

“The new Road Safety Focus Team will allow us to have a more intelligence-led and concentrated attention on particular individuals and the irresponsible driving conduct that puts themselves and the community at greatest risk.

“Most people drive with a mature and responsible attitude.

“Regrettably, there are a smaller number of individuals who don’t care about the safety of others or road rules.”

Recently, the QPS announced a new method for members of the community to report and upload footage of traffic offences.

At 8am April 29, officers from the Focus Team intercepted a vehicle on Neillson Street, Lawnton.

It is alleged that the 65-year-old man from Dakabin driving was not the holder of a current drivers licence.

Due to the nature of the offence, the vehicle involved was subject to forfeiture under the current legislation, and was towed from the address.

The driver was charged with disqualified driving and is due to appear in the Pine Rivers Magistrates Court on May 23.

If you wish to report hooning or a traffic offence you can do so online or call Policelink 131 444.


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