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New Rules Catch E-Scooter Riders

Queensland Police have issued fines to hundreds of e-scooter riders for speeding and other offences over a two-month period ending December 2022.

The 780 infringement notices were issued under new rules for personal mobility devices introduced late last year.

The most common fines were for speeding, not wearing a helmet, riding on prohibited roads, disobeying road rules including mobile phone use, and doubling (riding with a passenger).

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said more changes will be announced later this year, specifically on drink riding. Mr Bailey said the new rules are already the most comprehensive in Australia.

Under Queensland’s e-scooter rules, riders must limit their speed to under 12 km/h on footpaths and shared paths, unless otherwise signed, and know where and at what speed they can ride. Details are available on the Streetsmart Queensland website.


· Exceed speed limit by:

o 1-13km/h = $143

o 14-20km/h = $215

o 20-30km/h = $359

o >30km/h = $575

· Fines for most offences align with bikes (helmets $143, doubling $143)

· Mobile phone = $1078

· Drink liquor while riding = $431

· Use on prohibited road = $173


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