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More Opportunities for Regional Students in Petrie

Member for Petrie, Hon Luke Howarth, said the Government’s $400 million investment in regional education would boost opportunities for students in Petrie to attend university and support regional university campuses.

The initiatives announced on June 23, 2020 represent a key part of the Government’s delivery of the recommendations made in the National Regional, Rural and Remote Education Strategy.

“Our Government’s new package will give students in Petrie the opportunity to study closer to home, help students to meet the costs of studying away from home, and build the research capacity of regional universities,” Mr Howarth said.

As part of the package, students and universities in Petrie could benefit from:

  • $5,000 to students from outer regional and remote areas to help pay the relocation costs when they move to study a Certificate IV qualification or higher, as well as improvements to Fares Allowance.

  • $500 million to universities for programs that support Indigenous, regional and low SES students.

  • $48.8 million to fund collaboration between regional universities, industry and other higher education partners.

  • $21 million to establish additional Regional University Centres.

  • 3.5 per cent growth in additional Commonwealth Grant Scheme funding to regional and remote university campuses.

  • Demand-driven funding to support more Indigenous students from regional and remote communities to go to university.

“We will also appoint a Regional Education Commissioner to drive the Napthine reforms and support the implementation of the Government’s Regional Education Strategy,” Mr Howarth said.

“Our package provides additional support for Australians in regional, rural and remote Australia to have access to a world-class education.

“There are great incentives for students to engage in further study, as well as additional support for USC Moreton Bay as we continue to unlock the potential of Petrie.”


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