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Morayfield's Computer Whizz-Kid

Jacob Iversen loved electronics from a young age. “Computers were all I was really interested in at primary school," he says. “Well, computers and motorsport.”

Jacob’s high school years at Chancellor State High School on the Sunshine Coast saw his focus on computers develop further.

“It's a common misconception that desktop computers are 'old school'. The only reason I would recommend a laptop is if you need that portability.

He smiles and labels himself. “I’ve been fascinated by this industry my whole life. That makes me a nerd, I guess.”

Jacob’s mad skills and a natural affinity for people have taken him to his current position, Second in Charge of Pro Computers, a chain of seven computer stores in southeast Queensland up to Rockhampton.

He is based at the Morayfield store, where he works with Kaleb Furminger, another enthusiastic tech head with a stellar background in computers. From the shop in Morayfield Shopping Centre, Jacob keeps in touch with all seven Pro Computers outlets and, at the same time, manages the Morayfield store.

Both guys at Morayfield are sociable by nature, have an inbuilt customer focus, and are proud to be building and selling a quality product.

Pro Computer builds all their own desktop computers in their onsite workshop, using only “off the shelf” upgradeable parts, avoiding even a hint of refurbished or used parts.

Jacob finds the pace busy yet satisfying, noting that he doesn’t spend as much time under the bonnet of a racing car as he used to. “Too busy for that these days,” he says.

Instead, he indulges his passion for all things technical and “hands-on” during work hours.

Jacob loves to talk about custom design and emphasises the importance of investing in a computer that will suit your particular requirements. “That’s why you are better to talk to a professional about your computer needs and not a salesman,” he says.

He advises that a desktop computer is usually the best buy over a laptop. “It's a common misconception that desktop computers are “old school.” The only reason I would recommend a laptop is if you need that portability.”

“When it comes to choosing a desktop, a custom-built PC is always the better option over a pre-built system like you get from the big chains,” he says.

“Custom-built PCs use higher quality parts and offer longer warranty periods. They are easy to upgrade and repair in the future and can be built to your exact requirements.”

Pro Computers at Morayfield are experts in computing. They are backed up by a specialised team dedicated to corporate and larger business work. This includes networking, NBN installs, upgrades and repairs, and other IT support services. This mobile team operates anywhere between Noosa down to the north of Brisbane.

Jacob says the computer business is an all-year-round activity “A computer doesn’t care what time of year it is when it stops working.”

Although he spends much time with administration and designing new systems, Jacob enjoys getting out onto the shop floor to talk with people. “It's a great balance between the technical side and the people side of the business. I get the best of both worlds,” he said.

“And when I get home, I still find time for my racing car stuff. Also, In between my work and cars, I try to find time for gaming and virtual reality worlds.”

Jacob says that Pro Computers Morayfield designs and builds quite a few desktop gaming systems for gamers. “ I love getting deep into design and specs with customers. We specialise in quality gaming systems built to a standard.”

Jacob and Kaleb enjoy their work and are excited about the progress at the Morayfield store.

Jacob says every day is different. “We can’t get bored. There is so much to do.”

“It’s great to see the business growing so fast. We’ve been open in Morayfield since July last year, and judging by the response we’ve had, we’ll be here for a very long time to come.”

The store is located in the northern end of the shopping centre, not far from Big W and next door to House homewares store. You can reach Pro Computers online at or by phoning Kaleb or Jacob on 5407 0397.


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