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Missing Link Roadworks Start

Works currently underway on Lamington Road within Mango Hill Village will be a game-changer for many Mango Hill and North Lakes residents.

Motorists will gain quicker access to Anzac Avenue next year, as Lamington Road is extended and becomes a through road. The new connection will enable more direct access to Anzac Avenue for traffic headed north to Redcliffe and east into Capestone.

City of Moreton Bay has begun work on 165 metres of two-lane divided road from the Lamington Road cul-de-sac to the existing Anzac Avenue and Capestone Boulevard intersection.

The link will provide a second access to cope with the rapid growth in the number of houses and units in Mango Hill Village.

For Laurence Christie, President of the Mango Hill Progress Association, the new road access comes at the end of a ten-year advocacy campaign.

Laurence says the Mango Hill Village suburb had been a kind of hideaway in its early years, with only one way in and out, via Kinsellas Road West. However, rapid development in the suburb since 2010 has created a real need for a second access route.

“There will be some 2,000 letterboxes in Mango Hill Village within five years and the new Lamington Road access will do a lot to help ease current and future traffic congestion,” he said.

The new connection will also be the missing link for the long-awaited ‘ring road’ that will loop through Mango Hill and North Lakes on both sides of Anzac Avenue.

The ring road will navigate along Memorial Drive, Halpine Drive, Mango Hill Boulevard, Capestone Boulevard and Lamington Road, taking traffic off parts of Anzac Avenue.

This will mean improved access to St Benedict’s Primary School and the two Mango Hill railway stations where commuters are taking advantage of car park capacity, recently boosted to 870 vehicles.

The roadworks on Lamington Road are due for completion by December 2023. However, the final connection to Anzac Avenue will take place in 2024 due to the complex works required on the major water main that runs alongside Anzac Avenue.


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