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Living in Waraba, Waraba?

The Queensland government seeks public feedback after the council has submitted its proposed names for the new suburbs at Caboolture West.

Council's list shows one of the new suburb names is proposed to be the same as the proposed overall locality name. Could this option cause confusion for residents and services supplying the suburb?

"Where do you live?" "Oh, I live at Waraba." "Which suburb up there?" “I am at the Waraba part of Waraba”

The name of the locality is proposed to be "Waraba'', which is the term used by the Kabi Kabi people for 'burn' and their designation for that geographical area.

After consultation with the Kabi Kabi Peoples Aboriginal Corporation, the registered cultural heritage body for the area, the council endorsed five names for the suburbs within the Waraba locality. The new names are Wagtail Grove, Greenstone, Corymbia, Lilywood, and Waraba.

Yes, the suburb Waraba, located within the locality Waraba, will sport the same name should the council's proposal be approved by the Department of Resources.

A valid question arises from the idea of naming a suburb the same as the locality in which it is located. Perhaps we will hear conversations like this:

"Where do you live?"

"Oh, I live at Waraba."

"Which suburb up there?"

“I am at the Waraba part of Waraba.”

The public consultation period ends on February 3rd, and may bring forth alternative suggestions.

To have your say, you can email or phone 137468. Or visit the website to give your feedback.


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1 Comment

Mar 24, 2023

"Suburb" names are meaningless. Your street address will be followed by the "Locality".

It's like saying I live in "Brisbane" but your locality is St Lucia.

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