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Lake Eden's New Chapter

Beautiful Lake Eden in the heart of North Lakes is set to undergo a remarkable transformation with a major investment of $1.5 million.

The announcement was made by Mayor Peter Flannery, who emphasized the significance of investing in public facilities given the widespread benefits of a popular precinct like Lake Eden.

"If you go to the lake on Saturdays, you'll see 200-300 park runners down there, so it's essential that we keep pace with that kind of demand, especially with consideration for parking in the area," stated Mayor Flannery, recognizing the high demand and popularity of the lake.

I'm very keen to see an enhanced use of the lakefront space with new picnic areas and playgrounds to turn this into a more dynamic and attractive civic space.

The construction for this project is scheduled to commence in June 2023 and is estimated to be completed within 26 weeks.

Acknowledging the considerable amount of time required for the project, Mayor Flannery expressed his belief in doing things once and doing them well. He highlighted the importance of the $1.5 million transformation as part of a broader initiative to encourage local residents to be active, enjoy the outdoors, and make the most of the natural beauty in their vicinity.

Deputy Mayor Jodie Shipway (Div 4) emphasized that Lake Eden has evolved into more than just a recreational area for locals; it has become a regional attraction. With the existing facilities reaching the two-decade mark, she voiced her pride in the council's commitment to investing in the lake's evolution.

"I'm very keen to see an enhanced use of the lakefront space with new picnic areas and playgrounds to turn this into a more dynamic and attractive civic space." Stated Deputy Mayor Shipway.

Assuring residents of an upgrade to the cherished arbour area, Deputy Mayor Shipway acknowledged its sentimental value for many locals, particularly those who have tied the knot there. She eagerly anticipated residents basking in the sun and savouring the aroma of sizzling sausages on weekends. According to her, Lake Eden has long yearned for a facelift, and the council is enthusiastic about delivering parklands worth celebrating.

The funding for this transformation includes a generous contribution of $462,500 from the Federal Government, part of the COVID-19 funding aimed at stimulating local economies and supporting the enhancement of natural assets. This funding injection further fuels the council's commitment to creating a remarkable and rejuvenated space for the community.

As the construction begins in June 2023, the residents of North Lakes eagerly anticipate the completion of this significant project. The transformation of Lake Eden promises to create a dynamic, modern, and attractive civic space that will continue to captivate visitors and serve as a source of pride for the local community.


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