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Koalas on the Move Ahead of Breeding Season

Koala breeding season has come early in Moreton Bay this year, so Council is reminding drivers of the need to slow down to help protect native animals.

 Local wildlife groups have reported an early spike in koala movements ahead of the usual breeding season from August to January.

Mayor Peter Flannery said residents and anyone driving through the region need to be especially mindful of our precious wildlife.

“Council is doing everything we can to ensure Moreton Bay remains the best place for koalas to eat, sleep and play,” he said.

“From our new $1.8 million environmental land buyback program, to funding the world-leading koala research team at The Mill for another two years, Council is committed to protecting our wildlife and their habitat.

“Our Green Infrastructure network of wildlife underpasses and exclusion fencing will also help local koalas can travel more safely, whether it’s for food, shelter or a mate.

“But there’s only so much Council can do, the only way to prevent koala deaths on roads is for drivers to slow down and take care.

“To remind everyone of this, you’ll soon see koala banners and signs erected by Council in high activity areas reminding drivers that it’s their responsibility to slow down and keep an eye out for wildlife.

“Everyone can to do their part in keeping our koalas safe — secure your pets, be extra vigilant on the road to avoid wildlife collisions and be sure to report any injured koalas.

“We’ve already seen koalas on the move particularly in and around Eatons Hill, Rothwell, Kippa-Ring and Clontarf.”

Members of the community can report injured wildlife to the RSPCA by calling 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

Find out more about Moreton Bay koala conservation at the website:


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