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Kinma Valley Redefines Neighbourhood Living

A variety of lot sizes and types are now selling within Kinma Valley’s first neighbourhood, Hazelwood, which has been uniquely designed to appeal to families of all sizes.

A collaborative co-creation between Lendlease and the local community, Kinma Valley features open space within streetscapes and numerous community gathering spots, such as parks, within walking distance of every home.

“The aim is to carefully renovate the old house to retain its history and charm in a multi-million-dollar upgrade which will see it transform into a space that meets the needs of our community.”

Located close to the future Neighbourhood Hub, a key convenience centre within the community, Kinma Valley’s first residents will enjoy easy access to this connected and vibrant destination, proposed to feature a grocery store, childcare centre, coffee shop and local specialty retailers.

Paying homage to the history of the site, the first stage of the Neighbourhood Hub, a Sales and Information Centre, will be repurposed from an existing house that currently sits on-site.

Lendlease Senior Development Manager Tanya Martin said the Neighbourhood Hub preserves an element of the land’s history while aligning with Kinma Valley’s sustainability ethos.

“Future residents of Kinma Valley can look forward to having the perfect space to connect in the community,” Tanya said.

“The aim is to carefully renovate the old house to retain its history and charm in a multi-million-dollar upgrade which will see it transform into a space that meets the needs of our community.

“People will be able to go and grab a coffee and some food, use the open space to hang out, play and have picnics. It will also provide locals with the convenience and amenity they need to live well with flexible workspaces, meeting rooms and office spaces for professionals and small businesses in the area to utilise.”

Designed by Brisbane-based architectural practice Vokes and Peters, the Neighbourhood Hub occupies the most elevated position within the masterplan, overlooking expansive pine trees with views to the Glasshouse Mountains.

Renowned for creating homely, private spaces in picturesque residential suburbs and cultural and commercial projects that incorporate nature and authentic narratives, Vokes and Peters Director Stuart Vokes said the building echoes the practice’s unique urban design ethos that is all about creating a sense of belonging and community.

“Over the past 18 years, Vokes and Peters has been heavily involved in conservation work in the inner city of Brisbane and a lot of our thinking is around adaptation, careful reuse and studying cultural significance,” Stuart said.

“What emerges is an architectural language which uniquely belongs to the place it sits in. The language we’re bringing to Kinma Valley is consistent with its values as a place which espouses wellbeing, healthy living and connection to nature and community.”

A masterplanned community set on a stunning 234-hectare site in Morayfield just metres to Carmichael College, Kinma Valley is a 10-15 year project that seamlessly blends the built and natural environments.

Future residents will enjoy an array of amenities including an expansive 31-hectare central park, a Neighbourhood Hub, parks and playgrounds, and over six kilometres of walking and cycle trails across more than 30 per cent of the site.

To learn more about Kinma Valley or enquire now about land within the Hazelwood precinct, visit or call 1800 861 908.

Top reasons to call Kinma Valley home:

  • A connected community that seamlessly blends the natural and built environment

  • A vibrant Neighbourhood Hub for friends and families to explore, play and learn with views over the Glasshouse Mountains

  • An expansive 31-hectare central park for local wildlife that’s more than twice the size of Brisbane’s South Bank parklands

  • More than 6 kilometres of dedicated walking and cycle trails for the Moreton Bay community

  • A variety of lot sizes and types, designed to suit every family and lifestyle, are now selling


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