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Justin Langer talks Fathering Free Webinar tonight


Ask Justin Langer on the Fathering Channel Free Live Webinar Thurs 7pm

Justin Langer AM international cricket player and coach, joins the Fathering Channel this Thursday night 23rd April at 7pm to shed some light on putting training on the field to good use at home.

The title of the webinr is The Team Approach and explores just how important working as a team is to achieving family goals and good fathering. During tis webinar Justin will share his thoughts, values and experiences on managing teams as a valuable source of inspiration for father-figures. The Webinar is free and will also include a special live Q&A session with Justin, you just need to register in advance to secure a place at the online seminar by going to: and clicking on the register now panel. The Fathering Channel has been developed to support dads and families in these uncertain times, with over 2 million people currently working from home, kids studying online, dinner tables now shared workspaces, and dads juggling conference calls with kitchen duties.

The channel is an extension of The Fathering Projects which supports important Dads Groups run through schools across Australia currently isolated due to school closures. The Fathering Project - a not-for-profit founded by Dr Bruce Robinson, leading cancer researcher and awarded Western Australia of the Year in 2013 - is playing an important role in helping fathers and father-figures build connections during these times of uncertainty where communities are at risk of impacts caused by stress, anxiety and fear. Did you know? Fathers and father-figures have a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of their kids, their families and that of their wider communities. During these uncertain times of COVID-19 and the rapidly changing world as a result, there has never been a more important time to support fathers across Australia to ensure they’re able to remain engaged and effectively care for their kids, families and communities.

With new content dropping daily, dads, kids and families can explore and find new programs and activities to engage with across the Fathering Channel.

Simply go to the home of the new Fathering Channel in Australia.


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