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Home Ownership Dreams Come True in Caboolture

The Federal Government’s initiatives to help people buy their own home have been a gamechanger for the residential construction sector and Australia’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was in Caboolture on Tuesday (May 18) to visit local business Taipan Hydraulic Hoses, which helped around eight of its staff fulfill their dream of purchasing their first home.

“Our investment (is) getting people into their first homes, to build their own homes,” Mr Morrison said.

Taipan co-founder Allan Sandilands employed a dream manager to help his staff fulfill their life goals.

As a result, five employees at the business recently purchased their first home, using Federal Government initiatives such as the Homebuilder program.

“The Homebuyer initiative is based on one simple premise, we want to back Australians in,” Mr Morrison said.

“So, we put $25,000 in. But they’ll put the $300,000 or the $250,000 in or sometimes much more than that.

“This is about Government enabling Australians to get themselves into their first home.”

Mr Morrison said it was exciting to see the Government’s policies backing Australians like those at Taipan, through the pandemic.

“Government isn’t the answer. Allan is the answer. Allan and his employees here at Taipan, they’re the answer because they’re the ones who are investing in their future.

“And the Homebuilder program backs them in. Just like the Instant Asset Expensing program, just like the tax cuts.

“We’re already putting more money back in people’s pockets, letting them keep more of what they earn.

“And look what they’re doing, they’re building homes. They’re creating businesses. They’re employing people. They’re getting trained.

“That’s how the recovery plan works, backing in Australians.”

The HomeBuilder program has received 26,293 applications in Queensland.

Member for Longman Terry Young said he was blown away when he first heard Allan’s story about how he has helped his employees fulfill their dreams.

“Allan has a managerial philosophy of always taking good care of his staff,” Mr Young said.

“Without that HomeBuilder grant and Allan’s help, their dream of owning their own home would have probably remained just that.

“Not only has Homebuilder empowered many local people to take the leap into home ownership, but it is also helping support jobs for builders and tradies when they need it most.”


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