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Gone Fishing

School holidays are here and it is time to take the kids out for a fishing adventure. On the Sunshine Coast there is bream, whiting and dart in the gutters all the way from Double Island Point to the mouth of the Noosa River. In the Maroochydore River, there is good whiting on the run-out tide between the yellow channel marker and the green marker at night 100m from the Mudjimba Boat Ramp.

Due to white spot, we can’t take any locally dug worms from Moreton Bay but there are plenty of surf worms you can pull out at Kawana Beach half tide out. Caloundra is still fishing well. There are whiting directly out the front of the Power Boat Club boat ramp on the Bribie Island side of the main channel. There are flathead around the logs on the Bribie Island side of the channel near the bar on the flooding tide. If you want to beach your boat and walk over to the surf, the locals are getting dart and the odd trevally there. Be careful and watch where you wade near the bar, especially on the run-out tide. The Ribbon Reef formations off Caloundra are producing a few snapper, pearl perch and parrot fish but not of any decent size. On Bribie Island, there are still a few whiting at South Point and Skirmish Point on the incoming tide. Worms are the only bait to use.

Rock worms are starting to come back at Scarborough after the 2022 dam releases wiped them all out. The rock worms at Woody Point still haven’t replenished after eighteen months. There are whiting in Hayes Inlet in front of the sewage pipes at the start of the run-in tide. There are a few bream at night on the banks out the front of Mullet Creek and out the front of the reef located off the Clontarf Beach boat ramp and the wells under the bridge.

On the Gold Coast, there is plenty of whiting at Jumpinpin and on the middle bank on the run-in tide and Kalinga Bank side of the middle bank on the run-out tide. I bagged out with thirty whiting on the black moon last month. The secret to fishing such a powerful current is no.4 to 5 ball sinkers with a 1.2m trace. Drop down to a no.2 ball sinker when the tide slows down. The quality of fish there is good; six of my thirty bag limit were over 35cm. The Broadwater also has good fishing with bream around the pontoons on Sovereign Island in the last hour of the incoming tide but you will need to use a bit of burley to school them up. Bream are also on the rock walls at Wave Break and South Stradbroke. Our members are also catching large whiting at the front of the council chambers in the Nerang River at night.

If you are going to Moreton Island there are dart and bream in the gutters between Camel Rock and Long Point, but you will have to use No. 5 flat sinkers due to the sweep created by the swell whipped up by NE to SE winds. There are still some flathead but mainly around the main creek at Yellow Patch.

Your kids are never too old for a fishing adventure – see me pictured on Father’s Day with my sons Jake & Mason aged 34 & 32 and daughter Bethany aged 30. Second picture is me teaching Bethany how to cast.

Watch this space for the release dates for the 2024 Moreton Island Classic.

Stay warm and safe out on the water.


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