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GIVIT Unveils Next Generation Website

With a new look, exciting features and an improved user experience, the next generation delivers a simpler, faster and more comprehensive online donation management platform connecting generous Australians with people in need.

The revolutionised giving platform enables donors and charities to help even more people and communities get exactly what they need, when they need it most.

New features mean:

  • It’s faster and easier to give exactly what’s needed to people and communities in need.

  • You can now offer not just items or cash, but ALSO volunteer your time and services to thousands of charity and support organisations across Australia.

  • Better support when disasters happen across the country. Giving the smart way means donations get sent to a disaster area at the right time ensuring they make it to someone in need and not dumped.

  • You can tailor what requests for help you receive directly from us, by the causes you support and/or by location if you prefer to help those in your local community.

  • Increased surge capacity to ensure the website can handle large spikes in donors in times of tragedy or disaster.

GIVIT National Manager, Nikki Howson, said the impact of Coronavirus meant more Australians than ever need support from charities and organisations such as those registered with GIVIT.

“With the economic effects of COVID-19 being felt across the country, we’re already seeing a significant increase in people needing help - including many who may never have found themselves in such a vulnerable position before,” said Ms Howson.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch the new and even easier-to-use GIVIT donation platform, an online hub where you can donate whatever you can to help right across Australia.”

To donate, please visit the all-new


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