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Foster and Kinship Carers Needed

The Government has launched a media recruitment campaign for a special job.

Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women Di Farmer said the opportunity required Queenslanders with extraordinary hearts to be successful.

“Queensland is looking for foster and kinship carers who can help make a difference to child’s life and potentially transform their own,” Ms Farmer said.

“The foster carer recruitment campaign is seeking Queenslanders from all walks of life to consider providing a safe, stable home for children in need.

“We’re looking for carers to help out with short-term care, long-term care and the care of young children and teenagers, including siblings.

“Most of the children we’re seeking carers for are unable to live safely at home but could find the sanctuary they need with you.

“Being a foster or kinship carer can make a big difference and provide a future for a child in need, it’s a special role for Queenslanders with extraordinary hearts.”

The recruitment campaign features six real foster carer stories promoted on TV, digital platforms and social media until the end of September.

Each video presents a unique perspective of the foster carer experience of couples and singles and Queenslanders with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.”

Ms Farmer said Queensland had around 10,000 children in out-of-home care.

“That’s a significant number of children in need of love and a safe place to call home, particularly when our cohort of foster carer families is just over 5400,” Ms Farmer said.  


“We need foster carers just like you and you don’t need to give up your day job, in fact we have carers from many professions.

“Extra time at home during COVID-19 has given many of us the chance to reflect on what matters most and there are few things more important than a child who needs your help.

“For those who have never been foster carers before, we supply the training and support through specialist agencies and a tax-free fortnightly allowance to help meet the needs of the child or children placed in your home.

“The message is a simple one; Queensland needs foster carers with extraordinary hearts and compassion like you.”

To learn more about becoming a foster or kinship carer visit or call Queensland Foster and Kinship Care on 1300 550 877.


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