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Coles Express Launches Fundraiser for Families Facing Childhood Cancer

Coles Express customers in Queensland can make a direct impact on families facing childhood cancer, with a week-long Coles Express and Redkite ‘round up’ fundraiser starting Monday 21 June.

Customers can choose to round up any purchase to the nearest dollar to help leading children’s cancer support charity Redkite provide vital financial, emotional and mental health support for QLD families, who are often travelling far from home to receive treatment.

Redkite saw a 33 per cent spike in the number of support sessions provided last year, after the COVID-19 pandemic amplified family stress levels due to extra health risks to their children and additional financial pressures.

Redkite was a lifesaver for Mackay mother Jess Abdullah, whose son Alfie was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma – a rare cancer of the eye, just before his third birthday, and right before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With Alfie’s treatment at Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, the family has had to travel back and forth every month since, which has taken its toll both financially and emotionally.

“It’s a struggle not being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel and when we think how long this is going to go on for. We are still travelling to QCH every six weeks and there’s no end date for that. It’s very hard to be stuck on the cycle of coming and going all the time and it’s exhausting for everyone,” she said.

“When your child first gets diagnosed, it’s such an overwhelming time. Redkite’s financial services have been great, just knowing that there was some extra support there when we needed it. Being able to access Coles vouchers, or being able to fill up our car without having to worry about it has been one less stress for us. Those vouchers go a long way in helping Alfie with little things like picking out his favourite snacks to pack in his hospital bag for those long days at the hospital doing treatment and having surgery,” she said.

Redkite’s General Manager Fundraising Tatiana Issacs said that in 2020, Redkite supported 2,400 families across the country, and 500 in QLD alone, providing essential support such as fuel and grocery vouchers and counselling for family members.

“Childhood cancer can be completely overwhelming, and it’s clear that more than ever families needed our support. We strongly encourage people to pay a visit to their local Coles Express during Redkite Week, round up their bill to the nearest dollar and play a part in helping these families,” she said.

Coles Express QLD State Manager Evan Politis said Coles Express was proud to be fundraising for such an important cause.

“Many of our Coles Express team members have children of their own and are passionate about supporting a charity that does so much for families whose lives have been devastated by cancer,” he said.

“It feels good to know that the next time you need to fill up, when you visit a Coles Express site and round up at the till, you’re supporting a family and their child facing cancer.”


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