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Bigger Rebate for Electric Vehicles

Queensland Government's announcement of an increase in the electric vehicle rebate has been welcomed by locals and lawmakers.

The new eligibility requirements and increased rebate will make it more affordable for Queenslanders to buy electric vehicles, which will not only benefit families but also help reduce emissions and tackle climate change.

The new rebate is available to eligible households earning up to a gross household income of $180,000 per year.

Chris Whiting MP, who represents Bancroft, said that the government's move would make EVs more attractive to locals, and that many families in his constituency had already purchased EVs or planned to buy them in the future. He added that the government's new measures would help families save more money in the long run.

According to the government's estimates, around 75% of the average household energy bill is spent on car fuel. With EVs being cheaper, cleaner, and more secure to run, the government hopes that more households will choose to switch to electric vehicles. The new rebate will provide eligible households with a $6,000 rebate when purchasing a new EV, up from the previous amount of $3,000.

The eligibility threshold for vehicles has also been increased from $58,000 to $68,000, including GST, and dealer delivery fees will be excluded from determining 'dutiable value'. The number of EV models available under the scheme will be doubled, with an expected 19 EV models available under the new price cap by the end of the year.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said that the government was committed to making EVs more accessible and affordable for Queenslanders. "The Palaszczuk Government is leading the charge on electric vehicles and we're backing Queenslanders who want to take advantage of these emerging technologies," he said.

The new rebate is available to eligible households earning up to a gross household income of $180,000 per year. If a household has already received a $3,000 rebate under the earlier scheme and is under the income threshold, they can apply for the additional $3,000 rebate.

For more details on the expanded rebate and eligibility requirements, visit


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