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A Passion for Helping Others

Debb Webber is a successful businesswoman celebrating 15 years as owner of Zen-Chi, a Natural Therapy and Wellness clinic at North Lakes.

Debb Webber says that as a young child, she could ‘feel’ a person’s pain and emotion and would attempt to heal their discomfort. Given that early desire to help others, it’s not surprising that she is a successful businesswoman celebrating 15 years as owner of Zen-Chi, a Natural Therapy and Wellness clinic at North Lakes.

“Zen Chi is about energy and unity...We look at the underlying problem of why we feel the way we do and try to help.

Despite an early career working at a law firm, far removed from the wellness industry, twenty years of experience as a Secretary, IT Manager and Trainer were not in vain. Debb says it gave her an excellent grounding in policy, procedures, collaborative teamwork, and respect for people. Something that has significantly contributed to her business success.

What was it that triggered her radical career change? While working in the law firm, Debb noted that many people complained of headaches, sore shoulders, and problems with their knees or digestive systems. They were struggling with their mental and physical health. Wanting to help, Debb began to study natural therapies in response.

Attaining a Diploma in Remedial Massage, she added a Master’s qualification in Reiki (hands-on healing) and complementary natural therapies of Reflexology, Kinesiology and Ear Candling. Taking up a position as a Natural therapist at a North Lakes clinic, Debb was soon offered a partnership in a new natural therapy and wellness business on Discovery Drive.

Unfortunately, her partner left three months after Zen Chi opened, and Debb took over as sole owner. She says that was not an easy time for her, yet she remains philosophical, stating,

“Everything happens for a reason. It got me to do what I love doing - what my passions were.” Fifteen years later, Zen Chi is a busy and successful clinic, employing fifteen staff, offering more than 35 different types of energy, healing and beauty treatments.

Although her former partner had suggested the business name, ‘Zen Chi,’ Debb did not feel the need to change it. “Zen Chi is about energy and unity. That is what we [natural therapists] do. We look at the underlying problem of why we feel the way we do and try to help.” she says.

Reflecting on fifteen years in the wellness industry, Debb says trading through the pandemic was tough. However, she sometimes finds the day-to-day concerns of running a business challenging, revealing it has been hard to source practitioners since Covid. Debb’s antidote to coping is to treat herself with Reiki and receive a few pampering treatments from staff on her days off.

Clearly passionate about her business, Debb considers the team at Zen Chi to be part of a family. As an owner, she says she “doesn’t always make the decisions and will seek input from the rest of the team before any changes are made.” This collaborative culture nurtures a respectful mindset in the workplace.

Offering different kinds of massage and natural therapy treatments in energy and healing modalities, holistic counselling and beauty and spa treatments, Debb says that no one therapy fits everyone. Her team of practitioners listen carefully to the client so the best options are offered to support them in healing themselves. Multi-disciplinary therapists can then incorporate complementary practices such as hot stones, dry needling or infra-red heat lamp treatments to massage treatment, depending on what is required.

Debb believes our bodies are affected by how we think or feel, in positive or negative ways. Good mental health will often lead to improvements in physical health. “Every single practitioner here deals with the emotional side by guiding and supporting clients in their journey with words of wisdom and the treatment itself,” she says.

Explaining that many treatments work along the meridian channels within the body, including acupuncture, Debb says there are less invasive treatments, such as Shiatsu massage, offered if a client fears needles. The Emotional Freedom Technique, known as E.F.T., can assist in releasing fears and alleviating emotional distress. There are even fertility treatments to help clients hoping to fall pregnant or with an overdue baby.

Other lesser-known treatments are on offer, too: Reset treatments can help relieve jaw pain or clicky jaws. Ear Candling addresses congestion in the ear, nose and throat. It’s a treatment that Debb finds helpful in removing excess ear wax. It is particularly suited for people who regularly wear hearing aids.

Perhaps the most luxuriant treatment at Zen Chi is a Divine Woman Intuitive Massage, a popular choice for pregnant Mums. Incorporating Shiatsu, remedial and therapeutic techniques, meditation, and a card reading, Debb says it is a treatment package designed to energise, balance, and connect the mind, body, and soul.

Debb hopes to expand the business by adding a couples’ room for massage and spa treatments, meditation, yoga workshops and animal treatments within the next five years. If her success over the last fifteen years is any indication, it will likely come to fruition.

Zen Chi Natural Therapies and Wellness Centre

North Lakes Evergreen Centre Shop 11, 12-18 Discovery Drive, North Lakes

(07) 3482 2549


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