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A Cracking $3,000 Surprise Waits on Jade Jewellers Christmas Tree

A simple strategy, a premonition and old fashioned luck are some of the secrets past winners of the Jade Jewellers $3000 Diamond Ring Bon Bon promotion have used to crack open the sparkling top prize.

Photo: Jade Jewellers owners Gary and Laurene Coates celebrate with 2021 Diamond Ring Bon Bon winner Astrid Kuenne.

“Jade Jewellers will always go above and beyond and it has been a privilege to be part of the Jade Jewellers journey.”

Loyal customer, Astrid Kuenne was ecstatic after she cracked her bon bon to discover she was the 2021 winner of the diamond ring.

“I had been trying for years and years to win the top prize and it is so amazing to have something so special,” Astrid said.

Astrid has always bought her jewellery from Jade Jewellers and said the staff were always friendly and were happy to find what she was looking for.

“You ask for certain things and they will do their best to get them in,” Astrid said.

“Jade Jewellers will always go above and beyond and it has been a privilege to be part of the Jade Jewellers journey.”

Jewellery lover, Fiona Lester went into Jade Jewellers in 2019 with a plan to pick the winning diamond after she had a dream the night before.

“I cracked the bon bon and there was a piece of paper, I could tell from the staff faces that I had won,” Fiona said.

“I was so excited. My husband was getting a haircut and I rushed over to him to tell him I had won the ring and he could hardly believe it.”

Fiona regularly buys jewellery from Jade Jewellers and said Gary and Laurene Coates greet her as a friend rather than a customer.

“We really have formed a friendship over the years which is lovely,” Fiona said.

“I always buy my Mum’s birthday present from Jade Jewellers and I have some lovely pieces that include pearls, aquamarines and white gold and blue stones. But my diamond ring remains one of my favourites.”

Past winner Debbie Biancucci said when she saw she had a certificate with a ribbon in her bon bon, the staff were so excited and acted like they had won the diamond ring.

“I won my beautiful diamond ring three years ago and I come back every year to see if I have the same luck again,” Debbie said.

Debbie not only buys her jewellery from Jade Jewellers but has had custom jewellery designed and made for her as well.

“I needed to replace my engagement ring and Gary designed a beautiful ring which was exactly what I wanted,” Debbie said.

“Jade Jewellers is a beautiful shop and you don’t get the same service at other stores.”

This year is the ninth year, the family-run business has given away a diamond ring along with other jewellery prizes as a way of giving back to the community who have supported them for more than 22 years.

“Moreton Bay Region is a fantastic place to have a business and to grow a dedicated local customer base,” Gary said.

“We value our relationship with the community and for the nine years we have been running our annual Christmas Bon Bon promotion.

“This is our way of giving back to our customers and the community so they might have something extra under their Christmas tree.”

Jade Jewellers is located in the Burpengary Plaza and is open six days a week. For further information visit Jade Jewellers Facebook page.


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