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A Century of Global Adventures

Bolton Clarke Inverpine residential aged care resident Priscilla (Ruth) Chamier has recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

Ruth attributes her long life and good health to a simple habit: never drinking alcohol. Ruth was showered with gifts and surrounded by friends and family on her special day.

“Be happy and content with what you have.

Still, one particular gift brought back a flood of memories from her childhood spent in India: a Bolton Clarke Centenarian Club China teacup.

Ruth was born in Rawalpindi, India, where her father served in the British Army. She spent her childhood attending boarding schools in the mountains, where she made memories that have stayed with her for nearly a century. One of her fondest memories is of the chaiwala, a tea vendor who would run up and down the train station serving tea to passengers as they disembarked from the train. The teacup she received as a birthday gift brought back memories of those train journeys and the warm, comforting tea that accompanied them.

Ruth's life has been full of global adventures, from fishing trips with her family in Lahore to moving back and forth between India and Australia during school holidays. But after marrying at 19 and having four children, she settled in Australia for good. She lived in Inverpine's co-located retirement village for over two decades before moving into the residential aged care home.

When asked for her advice on living a long and happy life, Ruth had a simple answer: be happy and content with what you have. Her teacup, a tangible reminder of her childhood and the simple pleasures in life, is a fitting symbol of her philosophy.

Ruth's life serves as a reminder that the little things make a big difference in the quality of our lives. While Ruth's travels and experiences were certainly exciting, it's the small, simple moments that have stayed with her throughout her long life. It's a valuable lesson for all of us, especially as we navigate the stresses and uncertainties of modern life. Sometimes, all it takes is a warm cup of tea to remind us to slow down and appreciate the things that truly matter.


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