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30 Second Tent Now Has More Living Space

As lovers of the outdoors, we at the Oztent Group thrive on developing better products that make the joys and experience of camping more accessible to more people; it is great to have the fruits of our passion recognised on a global stage. This month, in Europe, the OZTENT SV-5 MAX has been awarded a 2021 iF DESIGN AWARD.

It is the only product in its category, across all the Oceania region, to achieve such recognition.

The iF DESIGN AWARD is recognised as an international arbiter of quality for exceptional design.

The design, functionality and quality of the OZTENT SV-5 MAX won over the 98-member jury of independent experts from around the globe.

This year the Awards saw almost 10,000 entries from 52 countries.

This is the second global award for design, function and quality bestowed on the SV-5 Max, which won an Australian Good Design Award in 2020.

Fifteen years in development the SV-5 Max originated as a concept by the late Shane Viglione [son of Joe Viglione] who wanted to create a significantly larger touring tent without making the packed-up size and weight unmanageable to the average camper.

A concept finally resolved by Trent Fitzgibbins, Global Product Development Manager for the Oztent Group.

Like all OZTENT touring tents, the SV-5 MAX is one of the only tents in the world able to be set up in less than 30 seconds; but unlike any other it delivers 35% more living space without compromising the durability and functionality in its fit, feel and finish.

“Shane’s concept was very inspiring but a hard one to resolve”, explains Trent Fitzgibbins; “we had to develop a completely new and patented mechanism that worked with our existing frame but delivered a much larger trapezoidal footprint.”

“In effect it now has an entrance more expansive than the mouth of a Murray cod, and its unique angled frame maintains its 30 second speed while delivering even greater internal height and space than any other tent in the range.”

Additional features include large SkyMesh windows and skylight design for sleeping under the stars free of bites and bugs, and a zip-in tarp that expands out to become a 5m deep awning which both peaks and tapers for even wider coverage.

While it is built to sleep 5 comfortably in the main tent, this goliath has the breadth and depth to cover many more with speed and ease – removing the need for additional gazebos and other structures while camping.

This month, in Europe, the OZTENT SV-5 MAX has been awarded a 2021 iF DESIGN AWARD.

You can purchase the OZTENT SV-5 MAX through all reputable outdoor and camping stores for around $1,899 and watch a walkthrough of the tent with Trent here.


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Darren More
Darren More
May 27, 2021


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