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Moreton Bay Movie Debuts December 16

To create a humorous mockumentary from a period marked down in history as Brisbane’s most horrific in the city’s 220 year history, takes some doing. But that’s exactly what the producers of `The Third Commandant` have done. The mockumentary tracks the life and times of the infamous Captain Patrick Logan, who from his arrival in Brisbane in 1826 to his mysterious death in the back blocks of Ipswich in 1830, created a harsh penal colony, where wretched convicts, both male and female, died in their hundreds from overwork, poor living conditions and sheer barbaric cruelty.

But hang on, this is a mockumentary not a dramatic documentary. So with levity and tongue in cheek humour created by larger than life characterisations and over the top madcap situations, the producers have woven a Monty Pythonesque scenario, historically unheard of before now! `The Third Commandant` is the last in the Queensland History Mystery series and follows the previous two, `Mutiny on the Gayundah` and `The Great Shove Off`. This hour long movie was shot entirely in the Moreton Bay region with a miniscule budget. The cast and crew are entirely amateur, many having never performed in a movie. Producer/Director Richard Lancaster developed and scripted the movie and was joined by the experienced Director of Cinematography, Brian Lee Watson, who largely filmed and edited the movie as well.

Where: The World Premiere will be shown at the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre. Downs St. Redcliffe.

When: At 7.00pm on Monday December 16.

Note: This is a red carpet affair with cast and crew to be presented.

Tickets: $8.00 from the Box Office or by booking on 3283.0407.

This is the last movie to be shown at the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre, as from 2020 only live shows will be featured there.

For more details including pictures, contact Richard Lancaster on 0438 193 728 or at


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