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Decades of Academic Expertise to Shine at USC Moreton Bay

USC Moreton Bay’s foundation building may be sparkling and new, but the world-class scholars about to teach there have been shining in their fields of expertise for years.

From February 2020, 22 academics will deliver more than 50 study programs across business, education, computer science, health and more, at the region’s new university campus.

Among them are esteemed experts in their fields, including Dr Erica Mealy (Computer Science), Dr Peter Baxter (Accounting), Professor Jeanine Young (Nursing), Associate Professor Philip Crane (Social Work), Associate Professor Mathew Summers (Psychology), Dr Steven James (Nursing), Dr Glyn Thomas (Education) and Deborah Fisher (Creative Industries).

Lecturer in Computer Science Dr Erica Mealy is moving from the Sunshine Coast campus, bringing more than 14 years industry experience and 15 years of teaching to Moreton Bay.

“I’m excited to be on the ground in the first year to drive the new Computer Science program from day one,” said Dr Mealy, who developed the course content alongside industry and community in the region.

“And it’s exciting for students coming in because they will be our first set of graduates that we will be introducing to industry in a few years.

“A major motivation for us is the upskilling of Moreton Bay as it rapidly expands, helping people learn how we can do things differently and do business better. The goal is definitely to raise aspirations and capacity of the region.”

Dr Mealy said the International Broadband Submarine Cable coming to South East Queensland was likely to drive a surge in opportunities for Computer Science graduates, who will graduate with skills in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and more.

USC Senior Lecturer in Accounting Dr Peter Baxter, who is also transferring to the Moreton Bay campus, has almost 25 years’ experience teaching the latest in financial practice, including 13 years at USC’s Sunshine Coast campus.

He’s built strong connections with large and small businesses on the Sunshine Coast and he looks forward to doing the same in Moreton Bay.

“Over time as we develop a network with industry in the Moreton region, local businesses will see us as a good source of graduates and expertise, and this will open opportunities to students who want practical experience while studying,” Dr Baxter said.

“And, coming down from Caloundra each day, I think for a new campus to be that close to the rail line is going to be fantastic.”

USC Moreton Bay will be a full-scale teaching and research university campus and the first full-service university campus ever built in the region.

USC has employed 31 new academic and professional staff to work at the campus, with 26 existing staff moving to the new campus or working at both Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast sites.

More information on studying at USC Moreton Bay is available at


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