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Coles Launches Barista Almond Milk Made for Frothing

This week Coles launches Barista Almond Milk, a delicious non-dairy milk with a great nutty taste that blends perfectly with coffee.

Almond milk ticks many boxes – it’s dairy free, gluten free, cholesterol free, suitable for vegans and tastes great. About the only thing about almond milk that’s left people a little ‘flat’ is that it doesn’t froth like dairy or soy milk – until now.

For those who love an almond milk latte, when the heat is on Barista Almond Milk produces an impressive foam that will be the envy of your local café.

The Barista Almond Milk pairs perfectly with the new Coles Urban Coffee Culture range, batch roasted in Melbourne and ethically certified through The Rain Forest Alliance.

Coles Chief Executive for Commercial and Express, Greg Davis says almond milk is becoming mainstream as many cafés now offered a range of plant-based milks and customers were increasingly enjoying it at home – so much so that almond milk sales have more than tripled in Australia since 2013, rising from 7.7 million litres to 25.2 million litres in 2017.

“Many people are making the switch to almond milk because they’re intolerant to dairy, others because they’re watching their weight – it has about a third of the calories of skim milk – and some are choosing it simply because they prefer the taste, particularly with coffee.”

While almond milk’s popularity is a relatively recent phenomenon in Australia, it has been made by families in the Mediterranean for hundreds of years to celebrate the almond harvest. But you don’t have to wait until almond season to enjoy the very best at home. Coles Barista Almond Milk (1L) is available now for $3.50 at Coles supermarkets and online.

Coles Urban Coffee Culture range features six pure coffee varieties and eight capsule varieties – all are made with carefully selected beans from some of the world’s best coffee growing regions and reflect the move towards stronger coffee flavour profiles across capsules and pure coffee.

The beans are blended and batch roasted at our Melbourne roastery to bring out their full potential and flavour. The result is a delicious premium coffee that you can enjoy every day, knowing that each bean has been sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal means that the coffee has been sourced from farms that are required to meet rigorous environmental, social and economic sustainability criteria, and have been traced through the supply chain from farm to the pack.

Coles Urban Coffee Culture capsules

Eight varieties varying in strength from 6-12 – $3.70 per pack of 10

Coles Urban Coffee Culture pure coffee

Columbia Ground Single Origin Intensity 9 (250g) – $6

Brazil Ground Single Origin Intensity 10 (250g) – $6

Ground Coffee Intensity 10 (1kg) – $12

Organic Whole Beans Intensity 10 (250g) – $5

Organic Ground Beans Intensity 10 (250g) – $5

Whole Beans Intensity 10 (1kg) – $12

Fun Facts about the Australian Coffee Drinker

  • 86% of Australians enjoy their coffee at home on typical weekdays

  • 47% of Australian homes have a coffee machine

  • Australians consume an average of 3 cups of coffee a day at home

  • 55% of Australians prefer the taste of coffee made at home vs a café purchase

  • 73% of coffee pod users are buying less coffee outside the home since buying a coffee machine

  • Coffee machine owners spend an average of $38 a month on capsules.


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