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Moreton Bay Residents Encouraged to take a Closer Look at their Pet’s Poo

With approximately 62% of the population identifying as proud pet parents, Petbarn North Lakes and Greencross Vets are calling on Aussies to help improve the well-being of cats and dogs by looking for clues in their poo, with the launch of a new nutrition campaign to help pet owners understand the signs of a poor diet.

Poo is a good indicator of cats’ and dogs’ current well-being but with 75% of Aussies not certain about what they should be looking for when it comes to a healthy poo and 65% checking their pet’s poos only once a week or less, Petbarn and Greencross Vets are challenging pet parents to make a daily commitment to their furry friends to check their poo before they chuck it.

Local North Lakes Store Manager, Bec Lill, said: “We know poo can be a taboo subject but it’s the first place a poor diet shows up when it comes to our furry friends. With this new campaign we hope to open a conversation with our customers about their pet’s poo.

“It can be easy to judge what is a healthy poo if you know what you’re looking for but with many of us unsure, poor health in our pets may go undetected. We’re encouraging Moreton Bay residents to improve their pet’s quality of life and come chat to us about the signs of a perfect poo. Our team members can provide advice on the best diet and food recommendations to suit their age, breed and lifestyle.”

Dr Adam Sternberg, Regional Clinical Director, at Greencross Vets, explains the signs to look out for when it comes to a healthy poo: “Just like us humans, your pet’s poo offers clues about whether they have a healthy digestive system. A healthy dog or cat will produce less smelly, smaller and firmer poos that are comfortable for them to pass and easy for you to clean up.

“If Moreton Bay residents are concerned about their pet’s poo, a simple stool test can help identify the cause. Every pet is different so it’s important to understand your pet’s individual nutrition needs, Greencross Vets can help with a check-up and tailor-made program for seeing improvements in their poo and overall health.”

Seven things to look for in your pet’s poo:

*Results from recent survey of 500 cat and dog owners within Australia by Lightspeed Research


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