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North Lakes BPW Members Encourage Unity and Empowerment During Candle Lighting Ceremony

SHINING BRIGHT: BPW North Lakes Committee Member Debbie Ford, President Laurene Coates, BPWA Marketing Director Astrid Kuenne and Candle Lighting Ceremony Coordinator Raylene Teague light candles to encourage women in North Lakes to let their light shine.

Education, equality in pay and raising each other up are the sentiments which will unite women across North Lakes on March 8 as part of the Business Professional Women North Lakes Branch’s Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, the Candle Lighting ceremony and dinner will celebrate women in North Lakes and surrounds and will tap into a global connection as BPW organisations across Australia light a candle.

Candle Lighting Coordinator Raylene Teague said the night was an opportunity to be part of the legacy of BPW after founder Dr Lena Madison Phillips lit the first candle for women 79 years ago.

“The ceremony is a chance to celebrate, remember and recognise women across the world as we continue to advocate for change,” Ms Teague said.

“This is not just a token gesture but a real declaration to let women know, both locally and globally, that as an organisation we’re here for you, we’re listening and you’re not alone.”

Guest speaker Alison Gray, owner of financial wellbeing business Wellthy, encourages women to think differently about money and break through their limiting beliefs.

“In this day and age it’s not just about having a steady income but more importantly it’s about having a healthy relationship with money to create the financial security you want,” Ms Gray said.

“I hear women say all the time that ‘I’m not good with money’ or they don’t believe in their self-worth. But when they find their confidence and change their mindset, money and finance doesn’t seem so unachievable.”

BPW North Lakes President Laurene Coates is looking forward to lighting a candle in support of women in the community.

“It’s so important as a community organisation to let women know we are here to support and mentor them not just in business but with their self development,” Mrs Coates said.

“I have been a member of BPW for nearly 10 years and I have seen women join who are timid but with the encouragement from other members their confidence grows and before they even realise they are standing up and sharing their experience.

“Now who wouldn’t want to be part of a club that can nurture a woman’s confidence to let their light shine.”

Tickets are available for the Candle Lighting Ceremony on Friday March 8 at the North Lakes Sports Club starting at 6.30pm. For further information and to book visit BPW North Lakes Facebook Page or call Raylene on Ph 0407 588 920.


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