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North Lakes Sports Club's Aussie wildlife show

The Geckoes Wildlife Show will be bringing all things furry and scaly to North Lakes Sports Club on 17th January as a one-off show for local kids.

A range of Australian wildlife star in this educational, interactive show including snakes, marsupials and potentially even a crocodile (baby).

“We were very lucky to secure Geckoes Wildlife over the school holidays for our members’ kids as it is extremely popular”, said Mr Sartori, General Manager of North Lakes Sports Club.

“Hosted in the Discovery Lounge, the kids will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a range of unique Australian wildlife.”

“Parents are encouraged to book their child’s ticket early as tickets will be in-demand for the perfect school holiday activity.”

The Geckoes Wildlife Show tickets start from just $5 per child (Kid’s Club member) and include a free poptop with every ticket.

Children under 3 years old are free but must reserve the relevant ticket to attend, with parents in the room for all ages (no ticket required).

To book the Geckoes Wildlife Show tickets or to find out more about the school holiday program, visit or call North Lakes Sports Club on 1300 006 572 today.


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