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Growing Vegetables in Containers

Do you have a small home, like an apartment, townhouse or dormitory? Are you looking for a way to bring a little life into your small space? If so, you should consider growing vegetables in containers! This is a great way to provide yourself with plenty of fresh veggies, even if you do not have a lot of backyard space to plant them. With the right type of containers, you can make a container garden that fits on any small patio, deck, or even well-lit room.

Pick the Right Spot

If you have a little bit of a backyard, it is better to put your container garden in the grassy space you do have to work with. However, it is not impossible to grow your container vegetables on patios and decks. Remember that cement reflects heat, so if you keep your containers on a cement patio, you may need to move them inside during the hot parts of the day when it is very warm outside.

Pick the Right Container

You can potentially grow any type of vegetable in a pot, but some will need much larger pots than others. If you want to grow carrots, for example, you will need to provide a very tall, deep pot so these root vegetables can grow. If you grow a plant that needs to climb, your pot will need enough space for a trellis. You can also position a climbing plant near a patio railing, but remember that you will be unable to move it after it starts to grow there. Always choose a container with good drainage holes, or drill some yourself.

Use Starts Instead of Seeds

If this will be your first time growing a container garden, do yourself a favour and get a small cutting of a plant or a seedling rather than trying to grow the plant from a seed. Although this may take some of the fun out of your garden, it can give you better results more quickly, and may help you stay motivated enough to try planting from seeds next time. Growing from seeds requires a lot of planning ahead of time, so that you start them in the right season.

These tips can help you get started toward your goal of creating the perfect container garden. Keep them in mind when you are planning your new garden, and remember that you have a lot of room to be creative with this type of home garden, even without much space to work with!


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