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Queensland Road Safety Week launched for 2018

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey, along with Minister for Police and Minister for Corrective Services, the Honourable Mark Ryan and Commissioner Ian Stewart, have issued an urgent plea to Queensland motorists in the lead up to this year’s Queensland Road Safety Week.

Queensland Road Safety Week is a joint initiative of the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Queensland Police Service working in collaboration with RACQ and CARRS-Q.

The road toll as of 8am this morning was 14 more than this time last year, with 166 lives lost so far.

Mr Bailey urged motorists to consider the risks of unsafe driving every time they got behind the wheel.

“We are preparing for our fourth annual Queensland Road Safety Week next week, but driving safely is a year-round responsibility for all motorists,” Mr Bailey said.

“Last year, distraction, drink driving and riding, fatigue, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt were a factor in 56% of road deaths. These, more than any other road deaths, are preventable and unnecessary.

“In total, 247 people were tragically killed and 6450 people were hospitalised in 2017 – many with life-altering injuries.

“We all need to take responsibility for our behaviour on the roads and one simple way to reduce trauma is to start by following the road rules.

“Imagine how much safer it would be if everyone obeyed the speed limit, didn’t race through orange or red traffic lights and put their phones out of reach. This is entirely achievable, but up to each individual to do the right thing.

Events are happening across the state during Queensland Road Safety Week, including regional expos, roadside awareness programs, truckie toolbox talks and school/community events.

Minister for Police and Corrective Services Mark Ryan said the key to making Queensland roads safer was educating the public and ensuring young Queenslanders were learning good driving habits.

“Unfortunately, too many Queenslanders know the pain of losing a family member or friend to road trauma, so I am delighted to see the unified response to the challenge of promoting road safety,” Mr Ryan said.

“I would also like to recognise all those police, fire and ambulance officers who respond to crashes daily. In doing their jobs, they are confronted with road trauma and its aftermath and they are to be commended for their professionalism and compassion.”

Commissioner Stewart said Queensland Road Safety Week was the time to make a commitment to safe road use and help reduce the road toll.

“The QPS encourages Queenslanders everywhere to re-educate themselves on the road rules and to challenge the behaviours that lead to devastation on our roads,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“By improving our driving habits, we can all play a part in reducing injury and loss of life on our roads.”

For more information on Road Safety Week and how to get involved, visit this link.

The campaign runs online and on social media from 27 August until 7 October.

To watch the videos visit this site.

Follow Join the Drive to Save Lives on Facebook.

To make a pledge, download a Speak Up for Road Safety Facebook filter and make your pledge using the #SpeakUpSelfie hashtag.

You can also share your stories or life-saving tips on social media by using #SpeakUpForRoadSafety or #QRSW2018 hashtags.


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