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Unitywater launches digital education program

Students can now tour a sewage treatment plant (STP) from the comfort of their classrooms and immerse themselves in the world of water through their computer or tablet!

It’s part of a new digital education program from Unitywater, which teaches kids about the way they use water and the impacts of plastic waste on our waterways.

The water and sewerage services provider launched the interactive online program this week. It includes a virtual STP tour, resources, games, videos and in-class activities.

Community Relations Manager Chris Jones said the program had been developed to meet classroom requirements and student preferences.

“We worked with local teachers and sought input from students about how they like to learn,” he said.

“It’s been designed to make learning as fun as possible, while meeting the Australian Curriculum.”

Mr Jones said Unitywater played an important role in the community and providing the program was a matter of corporate responsibility.

“Who better to provide information about the water cycle than Unitywater?” Mr Jones said.

“Water is essential for life. We have specialist knowledge on how to protect the environment and the urban water cycle and we feel we have a responsibility to share this knowledge with the community and help educate the next generation.

“The plastic waste component of the program is also really important – it’s a global issue that we’re trying to tackle on a local level.”

Wamuran State School teacher Nerida Wotlemaro took part in focus groups to help develop the program.

“It was an excellent way for Unitywater to find out what engages our students,” she said.

“When learning is fun, students retain more details about what they are learning. My students are eager to try out the new resources!”

The program aligns with the Australian Curriculum for Years 2, 4 and 7. To find out more or to register for the free program, visit


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