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Keeping Ahead Of the Game

Caboolture Sports Football Club is in safe hands, with the club’s goalkeeping ranks boosted recently by an international recruit and elite coaching.

The senior men’s side have the best defensive record this season, conceding just eight goals (15 less than ladder-leaders Toowong), and new ‘keeper Jacob Boyle has played a big part in that.

The 24-year-old grew up in the US, and having played four years of college football and even a professional stint with Baltimore Kings, he travelled to Spain earlier this year to trial for the SoccerSmart program - a scouting agency which allows players to travel abroad to continue their careers.

Just a week after returning to the US, he was contacted by the company with the news that Caboolture were interested in signing him.

“I didn’t hesitate in taking the opportunity, as it’s a guaranteed contract and the chance to live in an incredibly beautiful country,” he said.

“My experience here has been nothing but positive. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my teammates, the Caboolture staff and the fans.

“The standard rivals that of the US. It’s amazing to see the potential talent that goes unnoticed here, and I definitely see this area of the world getting better and better as time goes on.”

Boyle was one of many ‘keepers from the club to benefit from the expertise of Brisbane Roar Goalkeeping Coach, Jason Kearton, who visited the club last month to deliver a series of clinics.

“Now I’m with the Roar I don’t get a chance much to go back to the grassroots and do this type of coaching,” Kearton said.

“I loved it, the kids loved it, and everyone there really gave their all and showed what they could do.”

Players from under-10 up to seniors attended the sessions, put on by the former English Premier League player.

“I really enjoyed learning from him – he pushed me and showed what areas of my game need improvement,” Boyle said.

Boyle received the coach’s award twice while playing for Limestone College, and kept a clean sheet in his first game for Baltimore, all the while pursuing his off-field passion of zoology.

“I graduated from Limestone in 2014 with a degree in Organismal Biology, and my goal is to be a zookeeper and help promote conservation efforts for some of the more iconic animals in the world like lions, tigers and wolves,” he said.

“Working with these big predators gives me the same rush and excitement as being in goal in a one-on-one, or tipping wide a shot headed for the top corner.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be able to volunteer at Australia Zoo. Having grown up watching Steve Irwin on TV, it was a dream of mine to come out here and visit the Zoo, let alone gain experience working there.”

“This season has done me wonders on and off the field, and to say that I am appreciative of everything that has come my way is a complete understatement.”


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