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Fish of the Month: Snapper

I’ll never say no to a fresh feed of Snapper!

Also known as pinkies, squire, red bream or knobby, Snapper are found from Southern Australia up to around Central Queensland.

Being fantastic to eat, they are a prized angling species and have a very fatty, sweet white flesh.

This is a great time of year to target them in The Great South East. Redcliffe and Scarborough are great local spots to chase them in a boat or kayak, and even off the shore or jetty at night as they come in quite close to feed.

Most people target them with baits such as prawns, squid and fish flesh, although there is a growing number of people starting to sports fish for them with soft plastic lures.

Growing to well over a metre long, most specimens I’ve seen caught in the bay are 25-50cm. They have a minimum size of 35cm, a possession limit of four, with no more than one over 70cm.


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